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Veterinary Medicine Essay

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It was in the mid 1700’s when the first veterinary college was founded by Claude Bourgelate in Lyon, France. Like many other farmers, he took the time to seek out remedies to help his herd of cattle with the cattle plague. In a short time, Bourgelate felt the need to inform young farmers about his learnings on the diseases, and eventually started up the veterinary science and arts program at the college. He then went on to become a veterinarian, to help cattle all over the world, achieving his life goal. Many people do not realize that veterinarians will always remain to impact the lives of everyone. Without the care of animals, many people would not be able to survive. We rely ...view middle of the document...

I can conclude from my findings that this career provides

For the majority of veterinarian positions there will continue to be a growth in jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the projected growth in employment will increase to around 12 percent from 2012 to 2022. As long as people continue to have pets, there will always be a need for veterinarians. For students just coming out of college, they can expect there to be strong competition for all veterinary positions. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, only about 60 percent of veterinary students seeking a position in 2012 received an offer of employment, down from 75 percent the year before. Even though veterinary positions are expected to rise in the coming years, the competition will grow greater, because the number of graduating students in veterinary medicine continues to increase tremendously. On a good note, most of the current graduating students are interested in companion animals so it opens up more job opportunities in the other fields. According to Willow Ann Sirch, veterinarians go on to work at animal shelters, and even wildlife rehabilitation centers. Veterinarians do not always have to work in hospital settings (51). To add to the statement, large animal veterinarians are nearly to never at the veterinary hospital. They spend the majority of their day on farms taking care of the owners’ animals. There are many different positions in the field of veterinary science. For those students who do not want to be a veterinarian but still want to work with animals, there are jobs out there. Many graduating students find that they like being a technician or a veterinarian’s assistant much more than they would have as a veterinarian.
A veterinarian’s job constantly changes every day. As Megan explains, there is really no such thing as a typical day in veterinary medicine. You truly don’t know what will happen from each moment to the next, and your schedule can change (See appendix A). Even though most veterinarians work in...

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