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Veterinary Physician Essay

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A veterinarian is an individual who practices veterinary medicine by treating disease, disorder, and injury in non-human animals. A vet, like a doctor or a police officer, in most countries, is protected to that of where a person without said licensing cannot title themselves as such, as doing so without licensing can be seen as against the law according to the laws of the country they are residing in. Animal treatment, in most countries, due to this law, can only be given by licensed veterinarians, and it is illegal for someone without the proper licensing to give out such treatments. But, enough of that, let me get onto how this relates to biology.

Animals are a key factor in biological science, seeing as to how they are the majority of what biological science pulls their research from, and without them we would not be here, and we would be not be as intelligent as we are. Even we are animals, though we are far more intelligent than most, if not all. Because of their key relation to biology, veterinary science is also greatly related. A veterinarian, as I stated earlier, is someone who provides treatment to an animal. This relation makes it so that veterinary science is a key aspect in animal-biology relations. Without veterinarians, we would not know as much as we do about how animals work, though they work very similiar to us humans, according to their place in the animal kingdom. But, before we dwell too far into that matter, let me discuss some of the history behind veterinarian physicians.

The term veterinary originates from the latin term veterinae, which means “working animals”. Thomas Browne, in 1646, first used the term “veterinarian”. The word is now largely used in North America and other countries using American English, while in countries such as the United Kingdom, tend to use the term veterinary surgeon.
The very first college based around veterinary science was founded in France in 1762 by Claude Bourgelat. According to some historians, after Bourgelat witnessed a mass death of French herds due to a disease, he had the sudden motivation to seek out a remedy. This ended with him founding a college based around said research in Lyon. There, he sent out students to combat the disease, eventually they had succeeded and the plague had been beaten. The health of the herd had been restored to previous levels. This was the beginning of mass animal health research.

Veterinarians are usually called upon to treat diseases and the such in animals, even going as far to performing surgery, or replacing lost limbs. In my opinion, they really do care about animals. Most work is greatly similar to that of human medical research, as veterinarians will also try and prevent future problems in an animal. That sort of work is greatly appreciated within the community of veterinary science. Of course, the area of experience in the individuals performing the work will determine how much can be done, much like human medical research. But, there is...

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