Vetrinary Procedures And Human Procedures Alike

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“Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.” -Groucho Marx. (“QuotesAboutAnimals”). Ive had the pleasure of working for a Vet clinic for the past two years now. There are so many things to learn and intense experiences to go through. Animals are amazing creatures and I forever wish to help them. They are not humans they cannot tell us very well what they need or what they want. Even though animals and people have their differences we are all alike in some ways. Surgical procedures are very much needed for both species, lacerations in the skin need to be stitched up, and mothers need help delivering babies.
Cesarean Section is a surgical procedure in which the abdomen and uterus are open to deliver babies(“Cesarean Section”). There are various reasons to have a C-section done it deals with the position or size of the fetus along with pelvic size or shape. You can learn all these things from ultrasounds. C-sections should only be used in emergency situations for humans, dogs and cats are usually planned out if they want assistance in the delivery of their babies(“Cesarean Section”). Birth creates a lot of stress on the body of animals and humans. Any sign of distress on the fetus is one of the main causes for an emergency C-section(“NecessaryC-sections”). At times people will choose to plan out animal C-sections. Humans only use this in emergency situations. In order for the best chance of a puppy survival you have to wait till the perfect time. Its best to wait until the temperature of the dog drops to 99 degrees or until labor starts(“NecessaryC-sections”). The best way to tell if a dog is going into labor is by the temperature. When the temperature drops below 100 degrees the dog will deliver within 24 hours. Each and every puppy has its own water sack; it has to be broken by the puppy coming through head first. During a C-section a doctor will do this action and the assistants will get the puppies breathing by stimulating them. This is done by a lot of rubbing, and stimulation to the skin. Once the umbilical cord is cut the main priority is making sure the puppies awake and moving. Keeping them on a heat pad and having rice bags surrounding the puppies helps keep their blood pumping(“NecessaryC-sections”). When putting a dog under to do the C-section do not use ketamine valium. This drug will be transferred to the pups as well; it will take up to 20 minutes to revive the pups. Therefor the success rates of the puppy’s survival are not as high. With a C-section you want those pups breathing and whining(“Whattoexpect”).
Human C-sections are not all that different; it requires a routine IV before the procedure, the patients will usually be dehydrated (“Pure Vax”).Women get epidural which makes the lower half of their body numb. Once you’re numb and the anesthesia is working the doctor makes an incision in your lower abdomen, this allows the doctor to reach the uterus and make yet another small...

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