Vets Contribution Essay

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Veterans of the United States Armed Forces
Contribution to their Community, State, and Country

It has always been popular belief that as a military personnel returns from war he or she will be dramatically traumatized. It is thought that the events in war destroy your mind, thus soldiers are often treated as if they have no sanity. Though this is true for some returning from battle, a majority of veterans are very capable of still achieving great things. While American society should be wary of the devastating experiences of the men in war, they should not be treated as “victims”. Today many veterans are able to contribute to their community, state, and country even after returning from ...view middle of the document...

Presently, the United States is working to stop communist efforts in Venezuela. As the venezuelan government slowly began to retract the rights of their citizens, the US stepped in to stop this movement. American diplomats were soon kicked out, a further act of communism, nut the US military is still working to protect the venezuelan citizens. A veteran’s contribution to our nation as a soldier is perhaps one of the most important. Without their efforts, the rights that our nation cherish’s today and the rights that other countries will soon obtain, would be lost. Our nation needs soldiers, and thus veterans, to set this reputation of protecting one’s natural rights.
At the State level, veteran’s contribute to their local governments. Many people after returning from war seek political positions in the state. They fill these spots well because while being in war is brutal, it teaches one a lot. Politicians with military backgrounds are going to be well disciplined, respectful, and good leaders. These traits, along with their extensive work protecting citizens’ rights, enable them to make effective decisions that are best for the people. veteran’s will make choices that represent the common man. A good example of a veteran Governor is Governor Rick Perry of Texas. At Texas A&M University, Governor Perry was a member of Corps of Cadets. Perry notes, “The Corps of Cadets gave me the discipline to complete my animal sciences degree and earn a commission in the air force.” Upon graduation in 1972, Governor Perry enrolled in the United States Air Force. He served as a C-130 pilot to the 772nd Tactical Airlift Squadron for 5 years. When he returned home, he worked with his dad on their cotton farm. Governor Perry was elected as Lieutenant Governor in 1998, and became Governor of Texas in 2000 when George W. Bush was elected President. Given Perry’s military background, it is no surprise he would be the longest standing Governor in Texas history. He has served the people by creating economic success in Texas and passing the Texas Enterprise Fund, which provides grants to small businesses. Governor Perry is just one example of the many veteran’s who have become politicians. Over and over again, we have seen these veteran’s perform...

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