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Viability Of The Nation State Essay

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The uncertainty of the nation-state's continued viability in light of the many effects of globalization has led to a large amount of dialogue on the subject. In particular, aspects of the global economy are frequently referenced to when discussing possible decreases in power. Some of the primary trends are increased levels of FDI, the growing amount of production lines that cross borders, influences of technology and the internet, and increasingly global flows of labor. These have certainly made it difficult for the nation-state to retain power over its domestic policies. In many instances, the power of the nation-state has ever increasing constraints being placed on it. In some cases, but not all, this leads to a weakening of state power as an economic choice becomes unavailable, such as regulating FDI on the internet. There are also cases in which the nation-state changes without necessarily loosing power, such as the turn towards credible treats and the prominence of non-state actors. There is also a strong possibility that globalization's economic effects influence different areas to different degrees. Within the developed world, the increasing integration can strengthen some nation-states as it weakens others. In the case of the global south, it's possible that by missing out on many economic benefits of globalization they are simultaneously being excluded from it's repercussions for state power. On the other hand, the level of nation-state power in these countries is skewed. It's hard to say whether a nation-state in sub-saharan Africa is losing economic power or it simply never had it in the first place. This paper will focus on the negative implications of the state's economic power form the limiting qualities of interdependence, as well as the more varied effects on governance from globalization's interactions with sovereignty rights and coercion, keeping in mind the different responses that exist in different areas of the world.
There are a number of trends, qualities and influences from globalized economic integration that strongly limit a nation-state's potential for economic regulation. One trend is the multinationalization of production. The stages of production have been broken down and spread throughout the world as costs of transportation and communication decreased. There are obvious complications with this for the calculations of GDP or GNP, and their continued relevance as markers separating what may not be so separate anymore. More importantly, the new interests of the transnational corporations that lead this global production have had an effect on economic policies of nation-states. Obviously, they press for different trade restrictions and foreign affair policies than the theoretically autonomous nation-state would. Whether these limits lead to a weakening of the nation-state's power depends largely on individual characteristic within the state, including its pre-existing levels of trade, and the...

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