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Vice President Lydon Johnson: The Man Who Killed President Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy was one of the most loved presidents in our American history. Americans adored him and fell in love with him instantly. The tragic day of November 22, 1963 will forever be cemented in not just the minds of those who were old enough to remember, but everyone for generations to come. That afternoon in Dallas, Texas will be one that will always be in the back of the minds of the Kennedy family. Through all of the grieving came many theories about how and why this beloved man was killed. Most of them are about how and where the shot actually came from, but one of them sticks out the most because it is so bizarre to imagine. One of them looks at who really orchestrated the whole ...view middle of the document...

He points out that,“Without power or the prospect of it, Johnson was killing himself quickly. It was the final determined goal of a man of extreme ambition. He would reach that goal on January 22, 1973” ( loc. 270-271). Sources close Johnson during this time can verify that he struggled all throughout his vice presidency to find that source of power and it hindered his well being, until he finally achieved it by planning and going through with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Many people would describe “Lyndon was an overbearing, coarse, ruthless, sociopathic, low-life, power-mad monster” (Stone loc. 512-513). He had a goal and he was going to work hard and do anything he had to, to get the power that he wanted so badly. Johnson’s thrive for power, according to Stone and personal acquaintances of Johnson, led to the most tragic event in American history.
It is evident from affiliates of Lyndon Johnson, that he was known for his links to countless members of the Mafia and Mob. From people like Clint Murchison (member of the Genovese Mafia), and John McCloy, to more famously known individuals like Jack Ruby and George Brown, Johnson had a special relationship with each and every one of them. Sources support that he would rely on them when it came to the plan to assassinate Kennedy.Evidence from sources cited in Stone’s book verify that, Clint Murchison,especially, played a role in drawing the plot into the CIA, and for years, he was an oil magnate who had intrigued the interests of Texas oil with the CIA, FBI and Mafia elements through his ownership of the La Jolla, California Del Mar Racetrack and the nearby Hotel Del Charro, which was a resort that entertained and introduced members from all groups. People like Jack Ruby and Carlos Marcello were regulars at the Del Mar (loc. 2475-2477). It is stated by personal acquaintances that, Murchison was the one who brought all of these individuals together. He was the backbone to Johnson’s links to the Mafia and the people who contributed to the assassination. A source interviewed by stone would attest that, “Murchison, who had deep ties to the vice president, the Mafia, the CIA, and the FBI, would host members from all four groups under his roof the night before John Kennedy was assassinated” (loc. 2486-2488). It is evident that together, they would all devise the concrete plan that would lead to the death of the president.
People who have looked into this theory, such as Stone and Paul Watson, will conclude that Johnson kept these relationships under the radar which is why most people don’t point fingers at him at first. However in an intimate interview, conducted by Paul Watson, with one of Johnson’s many mistresses, the truth is unfolded. In his article “LBJ Night Before JFK Assassination: Those SOB’s will never embarrass me again”, Paul Watson, a distinguished author of historical events, he depicts the events from the night before American history changed forever. He uses...

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