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Vicious Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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For centuries, many vicious leaders had ruled the world. A prime example of such leadership would be Hitler; People like him had caused corruptions to the society when, they had let their evil nature get to them. While millions of innocent people were tortured and killed, those that were responsible of this gruesome act, watched from the side. The break down or the survival of a society depends on the people that builds it. If one was to lose his composure and let his true nature, that is to let the darkness in him take over, it would be the end of the hard built nation. The Lord Of The Flies, is a good example of what will happen to a society when one let it's true nature take over. It shows how a group of English boys tries to survive and maintain a civilized society, that is till one of them becomes power craze. Their small, pleasant world starts to dismantle, when one of the main character gets captivated by the thrill of hunting and begins to desire for power. Moreover, the death of the innocence and goodness through out the novel shows, just how horrid human nature can be.

Essentially it all began from Jack, one of the main character of the novel, who felt shameful that he couldn't kill the first pig they saw. Somehow the thought had made him more engrossed in wanting to hunt. All of his thoughts were on the pigs; His desire to see blood had made him leave his duties and follow his instinct, “'You and your blood, Jack Merridew! You and your hunting! We might have gone home---”' (Golding 65). The boys are disappointed that Jack and the hunter let the fire die, their only chance of being rescue taken away from them, because of one person. The selfish act of Jack had cause the little community to lose their chance of being rescued. The situation became worse when Jack became hungry for power. He used the others fear of the beast to manipulate them. He doesn't approve of Ralph ways of leading. Jack thinks he is a far better leader then Ralph and that he has the power to hunt and get what he wants. He tells the boys “' We'll hunt. I'm going to be chief”'(Golding 123). He knows that they won't disobey him. He knows how to control them and the fear he sees in their eyes, makes him more powerful. Unfortunately because of Jack, the whole society has turned into savages by the end of the novel. This just goes to show how one person can influence the whole population. When Jack decided to give in to his primal urges, it was already the end of their reformed world. Although, there still was one person who was able to not give in to Jack and his evil nature. His hope vanished, as his thoughts were now focused on how to survive Jack and his savage tribes. Ralph knew that "there was that indefinable connection between himself and Jack; who therefore would never let him alone..."(Golding 170) and he was right since by the end, the savages has set the island on fire in order to completely destroy the society and him, the leader of the democratic world....

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