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Vicissitudes of Pakistani Politics: " Bhutto Period and Assasination of Benazir ButtoI IntroductionII Early life and education of Benazir BhuttoIII Political LifeIII.I Personality Development of BhuttoIII.II Political Struggle of BhuttoIII.II Prime Minister-Period of BhuttoIV Assassination of Benazir BhuttoIV.I ResponsibilitiesIV.I AccusationsV Effects of AssassinationV.I RiotsV.II Situation of Pakistan People's PartyVI ConclusionINTRODUCTIONBenazir Bhutto was the first woman that governed a modern Islamic nation. She was one of the most influential leaders of South Asia. (Political Career, tarih yok) She was young and glamorous; she successfully portrayed herself as a refreshing contrast to the overwhelmingly male-dominated political establishment. (Obituary: Benazir Bhutto, 2007)Firstly, I will begin with her early life and then I will mention her education. Secondly, I will analyze her political career, her struggle for her father, and how she became the prime minister. After that I will mention her assassination, and in the final part I will explain effects of assassination on Pakistani people.She was born on June 21, 1953; who was educated in Pakistan, USA and England; and was twice elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan, in 1988 and 1993; and whose assassination in rally affected the country for months; was the first lady to rule any muslim country in this world.II Early life and Education of Benazir BhuttoShe was born on June 21, 1953, in Karachi, Pakistan, the eldest child of former premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. (Benazir Bhutto, 2013)She married Asif Ali Zardari on 18 December 1987. The marriage improved Bhutto's political position because older unmarried women are disapproved in Pakistan. (WEISMAN, 1987)''Benazir went to school in Karachi through high school, then attended Radcliffe College (now part of Harvard University) in the United States, where she studied comparative government. Bhutto later said that her experience in Boston reconfirmed her belief in the power of democracy. After completing her undergraduate degree at Radcliffe, she studied at Oxford University, in England, where she was awarded a second degree in 1977. She took a wide variety of courses in international law and diplomacy, economics, philosophy and politics.'' (Szczepanski, tarih yok)She went back to Pakistan to work with her father in his office, after her graduation. (Doherty, tarih yok)POLITICAL CAREERPersonality Development of BhuttoZulfikar Ali Bhutto was elected as president of Pakistan on December 20, 1971. As the leader of his country, he included Benazir Bhutto whenever he could, taking her to visits to foreign countries and discussing policy with her. Whether conscious or unconscious, he was preparing her to follow his footsteps.On June 28, 1972, Benazir Bhutto went with her father to Simla, India, where Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi met behind closed doors with the aim of trying to settle their problems. Partly because of...

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