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Vicodin: A Prescription Medication That Should Be Limited In Use

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An individual does not have to be a profound doctor to watch House, a show that focuses on a cranky old doctor named House who can diagnose any illness ever existed. In one of the episodes of House, House is waiting for Vicodin medication at the Pharmacy in order to suppress pain from his tissue-damaged leg. However, Vicodin can be highly addictive that could cause possible symptoms in the body. Vicodin is a type of prescription medication that blocks pain receptors in the brain making it an addictive drug among hospital patients.
Vicodin is prescribed by doctors to relieve pain in the body. For example, Vicodin contains two ingredients responsible for suppressing pain, which are hydrocodone ...view middle of the document...

Vicodin is able to block the feeling of pain in an individual’s brain. Individuals would keep using Vicodin to remain painless and become dependent on the drug. The brain contains a neurotransmitter called dopamine that creates pleasure in the human body. Vicodin increases the levels of dopamine in the brain creating a sudden rush of euphoria beyond what the brain’s natural pleasure system is able to do (What Causes Addiction to Vicodin). As part of the brain’s homeostatic mechanisms, it tends to decrease its own natural production of dopamine to neutralize the shooting levels of the neurotransmitters from Vicodin abuse. Individuals would start to feel high when there are increased levels of dopamine in the brain. The brain would stop producing natural dopamine to balance out the levels of dopamine from Vicodin. Vicodin affects dopamine in the brain that causes hospital patients to be addicted to Vicodin.
Many hospital patients are prescribed Vicodin to relieve their pain, but abuse it to feel euphoric. For instance, in 2010, two million people reported using prescription painkillers non-medically which includes without a prescription or taking them for the feeling they cause for the first time within the last year. Many individuals are finding ways to obtain Vicodin without a prescription from a doctor. Individuals are abusing Vicodin as any other drug like heroin to feel high. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed reclassifying hydrocodone combination pills, such as Vicodin, from a Schedule III drug to a Schedule II drug, which will make the meds harder to obtain. By classifying Vicodin as a Schedule II drug, which means it has a high potential for abuse and can lead to severe physical or psychological dependence, Vicodin can only be prescribed in 90-day amounts before a trip to the doctor. Nurses and physician assistants will no longer be able to prescribe the medications. The FDA noticed that patients are abusing Vicodin in an increasing rate. The FDA is reducing the consumption amount of Vicodin to prevent an over dosage...

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