Victim Or Villain? How Is Shylock Presented In 'the Merchant Of Venice'?

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The merchant in 'The Merchant of Venice', by William Shakespeare, there appears Shylock. As the play unfolds Shylock is seen to be the villain. He is portrayed as being cold, unbending, and evil. But is he? Is Shylock really the antagonist in this play or can he also be viewed as a persecuted individual who resorts to revenge only after he has been pushed too far. To fully understand the character of Shylock we must first look at Elizabethan attitudes towards Jews. The earliest documented presences of Jews were recorded in Oxford, during the year 1075. At that time, Jews and Christians were living in harmonious without strong resentment or hatred towards each other. Despite this, there were certain rules that Jews had to abide such as they were banned from certain trades and professions as they were not considered citizens. In the sixteenth century Jews were rarely if ever seen in England. In the Middle Ages Jews had fled to England to escape persecution in France under the Normans. They were granted charter in England by Henry I in return for a percentage of their profits from trade and money lending. It is here that the stereotype of Jews lending money was started which spurred on to the representation of Jews as a greedy community.A few years before 'The Merchant of Venice' was written, an accusation was made towards Queen Elizabeth's physician of attempting to poison her. His public execution and the fact that he was of Jewish background led to an outbreak of anti Semitism in the country. Similarly in today's world, after the incident that took place on September 11th 2001, many have been vigilant towards the Middle Eastern races for fears for repercussions. Many other plays were written during Shakespearean time concerning Jews to which most were portrayed as negative way- over-the-top villains. For example, 'The Jew of Malta' written by Christopher Marlowe depicted the main character, Barabas, a Jewish money lender who cheats and steals. The name Barabas in the play has been chosen in relation to Barabas from the Bible who was a convicted murderer in order to express intended similarities between them.'The Merchant of Venice' is a play open to various interpretations. On one side, Shylock can be portrayed as merely a man unfairly discriminated upon because of his choice of religion. In his time, Jews were victimized because of their beliefs. "You call me misbeliever, cut-throat dog, and spit upon my Jewish gabardine..." The extents of their abuse were not restricted behind doors but also publicly. "I am as like to call thee so again, to spit on thee again, to spurn thee too." From that comment, Antonio even owned up freely without a hint of shame. This illustrates how the Christians treated the Jews; without a thought of conscience or consideration. It can be argued that because of the constant condemnation of the Jewish community by the Christian society, this spawned these kind of conflicts. These prejudices occur in all levels of...

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2268 words - 9 pages victim. Shakespeare is, however, more balanced and subtle than any of these. Shakespeare uses situations to provoke feelings of condolence towards Shylock because he is the victim of Christian hate (which proves to be very non-Christian). Nevertheless Shylock will always be the villain of the play as he is in contrast to Antonio and surely no victim would seek death of any fellow human being or care only for his money and not his daughter.

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