Victimology And What It Consists Of Crj 305 Gender And Crime Essay

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The study of victimology can be very awkward and is most definitely difficult and can often times be controversial. It is never easy to study and hear what a victim has gone through in a crime. The proper definition for victimology is “Scientific study of physical, emotional, and financial harm people suffer because of illegal activities.” With this definition you will also understand victimization within the criminal justice system.
Victimology affects victims, crime victims, direct/primary, and indirect/secondary. Indirect would be family of those who have been harmed.
When trying to understand a victim and how they have been hurt it can be a very difficult and sensitive journey. You definitely have to know how to talk to the victim and how to approach them without offending them in some way. I think it could be very controversial to have somebody simply sit down with a previous victim of crime and begin to ask them personal and sensitive questions that may trigger thoughts or flashbacks. One of the things I read was that some interviewers can be very bias. “Some may arise from personal experience, taking the form of individual preferences and prejudices.” (Karmen, 2016).
If they have gone through something similar, sometimes others tend to be bias towards what they are hearing and can...

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