Victims Of Domeatic Violence Essay

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Victims of Domestic Violence
People today, need to recognize the importance of domestic violence. There are so many women that get physically abused and even killed every year. Women need to protect themselves more and stop going back to the abuser. The authority and court systems should be stricter on men to prevent domestic violence against women; there are so many men in this country that get away with so much because the women get scared to call for help and feel like they are prisoners.
According to Ornelas there are three main types of abuse; physical, emotional, and verbal. Examples of physical abuse is when the abuser is slapping, kicking, choking, and punching. Emotional abuse involves mind games, jealousy, isolation from friends and family and making the victim feel worthless (Ornelas). Verbal abuse is constant yelling, put downs and threats. A woman who is in love will do whatever it takes to have a relationship with the person they love, which makes it even harder for her to leave when there is abuse involved. Sometimes it is very hard for a woman to recognize the abuse because they are so in love with their partner. It’s very important to recognize the patterns of abuse and domestic violence. All women should take the signs of abuse very seriously. When women start seeing these signs of abuse they need to leave or call for help and not stay with the abuser.
There are many places that women can go for protection, such as shelters and many support groups. Educating woman about the cycles of domestic violence can decrease cases in the county. The support groups can also break the silence of a woman being abused and she will be able to speak out into a group of other victims. These groups make women feel that they are not alone and it’s not their fault of what happen to them. A lot of women feel that they are at fault for all the abuse and they don’t deserve to be hit, kicked or punched on. There are women that will not even seek the help and live with the abuser, because so many are just too afraid to leave, because they depend on the abuser for financial stability.
There is violence against men and women. The female may hit first, but the women are the one that ends up being hurt badly or even killed. In January of 2013, this was the biggest increase of women being victims of domestic violence, more than the previous years. In 2010 there were 92 cases, in 2012 there were 61 cases, and in 2013 there were 100 cases of domestic violence cases reported (Stone). According to the California partnership to end domestic violence, there were 147 domestic violence fatalities in 2011. There were homicides decreasing and domestic violence was increasing by 30% by 2008, 2011 and in 2013 (Statistics & Facts). It is proven that there are so many more women than men that experience being a victim of domestic violence in our county.
There are many interesting domestic violence stories about how so many women that goes through this every...

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