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Part B: Identify an Appropriate Media Outlet
U-T San Diego Tribune is an online and print publication that is distributed throughout all of San Diego County but also speaks about what happens in cities that do not reside in that specific county. It can be reasonably assumed that the online portion of this publication reaches numerous cities that reside all over Southern California. As of October 2013 the tribune’s circulation was approximately around the number of 351,682 which includes print, online, digital, and branded editions and editions that were not in English. The circulation for the Sunday and daily print was around 189,822 (Bauder, 2013). It accepts editorials that are about 700 ...view middle of the document...

I think if you could educate those about the signs and the legislation in areas where there is human trafficking first, then it may be easier to sell it to people who don’t have as much of a human trafficking problems like San Diego County does. I think it is smart to first go to a place that has to deal with this problem on a daily basis on their streets and in their airports because they may be more likely to be more receptive to legislation that helps get the criminals off their streets and out of their airports.
The second reason was because I live very close to that area and I have family that lives in that County. San Diego has a very diverse population that derives ages, socioeconomic status, and education level. This means that it will get to everyone and anyone no matter where they are at in their life. Also since this publication distributes to all the cities in its county which has about 18 incorporated cities among many other neighborhoods and communities, it reaches a large amount of people within its county limits alone. San Diego is also the second largest city in California with a population of more than 3 million citizens’ countywide (San Diego, 2014). With a city this full of people and if an individual can educate these individuals on bills, they can then tell their friends and family in other counties or in other states about the legislation and why it is important. It will get the word out there, that this horrific deed is being done and that there is a way to help the victims and to make sure they do not become victimized a second time around.
The final reason I chose this publication was because it is an online publication and a print publication. Though today there may be many different newspapers that do a double of print and online, U-T seems different. It could be because of the wide audience it is sent to just within the San Diego County line. However, because it is online it can get to people in other Southern Californian counties, other states, and other countries. It can get across the world in minutes instead of just legislators having to go through legal channels just to get it introduced only on the platforms for Federal or International Law. Unlike the motto of not in my backyard I thought it would be good to spread the word about this legislation and this heinous crime that is only getting worse by first presenting it to my backyard of where I live my life. I also thought it better to start in my own backyard so that when I go to other counties that I don’t live near, I can tell them how it worked in my area and how it will help the crimes they are experiencing. I would do this because there are some...

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