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Victims Of Persecution And Muder In The Holocaust

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When the single word of holocaust is mentioned, it reminds us of the horrible genocide that took place. Many people in our world today are aware that the Jewish race was a major target in the holocaust, but what about the others who played a role in persecution? Even though the Jewish population is known to be the main victims of persecution and gruesome murder under the Nazi regime, it is not much mentioned of the others who took part in genocide. According to the Holocaust Encyclopedia, during the era of the holocaust, German authorities also targeted other groups because of their perceived "racial inferiority" (“Introduction to the Holocaust”). From European Roma gypsies, homosexuals, ...view middle of the document...

Not only were Nazis targeting their racial inferiors, but also any groups that disrupted the political, ideological and behavioral grounds. Examples for this situation can be seen towards the homosexuals, Jehovah’s witnesses and even communist and socialist leaders that were a threat to fascist Germany. According to A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust, the Nazi regime claimed its concern about homosexuality related to keeping the Aryan birthrate high (“Victims”). Along with this claim, they made many excuses into finding it “acceptable” to murder innocent people. “At the end of July 1933, about 27,000 political prisoners were being held in concentration camps in protective custody” (“Victims”). It seemed more as if the Nazi party were scared to confront their enemies fairly and instead put them in jail or executed them because they feared of losing their power. Claiming they were guilty could have been shown as a sign of weakness to the world and could have put their guard of confidence down. Their easiest solution was to execute all, but in no particular way for a specific victim. From firing squads, gas chambers, disease, poisoning and starvation, whether you were Jewish, a Jehovah witness, or even just disabled, all were murdered in a horrific way.
Many of all these victims were sent to die in the same concentration camps as the Jews; however some were killed on the spot in the ghettos. All while murders took place at the camps, another form of harsh acts came into play in a peculiar and inhumanly manner, experimentation. The doctors and scientists went as far as conducting serological experiments in order to determine how different “races” reacted to certain illnesses and diseases (“Nazi Medical Experiments, Holocaust Encyclopedia”). Through this inexpensive, yet efficient procedure for the sterilization of groups, (Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, etc.) and with the help of scientists, the Nazi leaders were able to conduct many tests on the their genetically “undesirable” prisoners (“Nazi Medical Experiments, Holocaust Encyclopedia”).All groups of victims played a role in experimentation for the ideas of scientific racism. Not only did this cruel act reveal how the Nazi viewed...

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