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Victims Of Prejudice Essay

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Everywhere we go, we see people who experience prejudice from other people. Prejudice is an act of injustice toward other people based on stereotypes and other unreliable data. It creates embarrassment, hate, and fear to some people everyday. In this modern-day and age, it is unbelievable to think that people still suffer from the ignorance of prejudice. Through these articles “Black Men and Public Space,” by Brent Staples and “Occupied Los Angeles: Eviction,” by James Butler it becomes clear that prejudice brings negative feelings to the hearts of the victims, that cause them to fear and to hate.
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The high school band practicing here on game day is an 80 member, multiracial team in a school district just
released from court over a fight for integration. Not a single white student in the 2008-2010 school years decided to transfer out of the majority black district. Under this school district, white kids were rejecting black students by false pretenses; white kids despise the school district because the majority of students were black.
People also experience prejudice because of their social class. We mostly see middle and low classes’ citizens that experience prejudice against, like described in the article “Occupied Los Angeles: Eviction” written by James Butler. In this article, the author stated, “Due to the high recognition this movement is demanding, big corporation and government officials are trying to silence the voices of the people. Most of the occupy movements have been raided and evicted by the police via demands from their Mayors. There have been countless amounts of violence exerted on to the peaceful citizens practicing their first Amendment Rights. Protesters have been bit in the head with projectile tears gas canister and groups of protesters have been maliciously pepper sprayed and beaten.” This negative action caused by the leaders against the middle class citizens, who was protesting peacefully for their right show clearly the unfairness that still exist between people, today.

Similar scenario like this happens in September 2011 that made Prim Perfect write; “Do the middle class have a right to protest?” and the journal went on and explained that the protest took place in
Zuccotti Park in New York City’s Wall Street. That the protesters, who were protesting against social and economic inequality for middle class people, were forced out of the Park, in November 5, 2011 because of injustice, discrimination and prejudgment that come from the government officials; let say the Leaders.
The relationship between these two...

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