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Victims Of Wars Essay

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Nowadays, there are still many wars, hunger happen in this world, there are still many people live without enough food and water, there are a huge number of people live in wars. According to Shah’s article, until 2013, there are still more than 660 million people live on less than 2 dollars a day. In the music video of Michael Jackson “Heal the World” has told we a story about this phenomenon. This is a song about children and war. This song was in the album Dangerous and it was released in 1991. Michael Jackson wrote this song for his charity organization which had the same name with this song, it is named “Heal the World Foundation”. The charity organization was hammer at protecting the ...view middle of the document...

From these words of this child, we can see the author Michael Jackson want to tell people that children are the future of the world, people should protect it.
Following that, some children are playing tricycle together, they looks very happy, one of them is sitting on the tricycle with hand held high, and other children are pushing the tricycle. In this frame, these children is playing in a clean and tranquil park. Then, the frame changed, we can see a little lovely girl stand besides a building, the building is big and tall, and it is very clean and white. We can see this little girl is wearing a clean and pretty blue dress, and she is holding a small white flower, more important is that this girl is smiling to the small flower. In this frame, the girl is now living in a peaceful condition, however, she shows us a face with smile, and it means she is living in a safe condition. This girl looks very innocent and cute, it is very quiet in this scene, there is no smoke and fire, patients or adults in this scene. We can only clearly see the little girl. In this scene, the video shows us a little lovely girl, and she looks very lovely, this scene will make audiences who watch this video want to protect the little girl.
In the meantime, the song starts. With the sweet voice of Michael Jackson, we saw three important frames, in the first scene, we saw soldiers stand in behind dust, and this means they are in a war. In the second scene, a little boy stand beside a tank, he wears a black jacket, on his face, we cannot see any expression, he looks very helpless, he cannot do anything to stop the war. From this scene, we can see that the war is just started, therefore, the little can still wear a clean cloth, but the war happens to fast, he does not even know what is happening so that we cannot see expression on his face, because he is innocent. In the last scene, we see people are yelling, and put up their hand and hold their fist. It looks they are protesting the government, they are protesting for peace, they are against the war. This three scenes are connected. The smoke and fire shows the war is very catastrophic, people are dying and injuring. This is why people in the last scene would protest the war, because this war hurt many people. From these three scenes, we can see that children and soldiers are both hurt by the war, because of the war, that child cannot live in a warm and sweet home. Those soldiers have to stand in the wind, they have to fight on the battlefield but not stay with their families.
However, the occurrence of wars are causal. According to the article, “Cause of conflict: Why wars happen”, there were nine wars and almost 130 violent conflicts across the world in one year. Reasons why people had conflict are resources, territory and self-determination, etc. (The Economist) With attention to these reasons, we can see that most wars would happen are due to humans’ selfish desire. When people who live in a country do not have enough...

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