Victims Service Response Paper

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Chapter 36 Victims Service
Response paper
As I read the article on social worker for victim services I thought of how amazing of an individual you would have to be to do this type of work. To work with victims of a crime whether it is domestic violence, rape or murder, these people depend on you. This career to me seemed like it could go in two different directions. Going the way of the criminal system, helping in court for the victims or going more the way of the victim services, helping the victim through the hospital visit and decision making process at that time. With the ability to do internships while still working on your degree this gives you the opportunity to intern in both fields and see which one would fit your specific interests.
On the local level you are dealing with first the victims themselves helping them with the process of the hospital visit and then the decision if to press charges. You get to know these people very well helping them to overcome these horrible tragedies that have befallen them. You are with them during the court case where they may feel victimized again by facing the perpetrator. You have to have the love and empathy to help the victim and also be a bridge between the victim and the authority figures, including the law officers and the caseworkers that may only view the situation from the laws viewpoint not the victim’s viewpoint. You have to be able to understand that these officials are doing the best they can but that the look at the situation differently than we, as a social worker would. Our job would be to support the victim where there’s would be to find the...

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