Victoria’ Secret Has Everything You Desire

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Victoria’s Secret; the company
Founded by Roy Raymond in 1977, now their sales have reached over $6 billion. Through catalogues, thousands of stores, and their website, Victoria’s Secret sell bath and body products, clothing for all seasons, shoes, and of course, undergarments. Roy Raymond started Victoria’s Secret in San Francisco in 1977, basically because he was depressed by the choices of undergarments when he was shopping for his wife. He was thoroughly unimpressed by the styles and the choice of materials designers were using in 1977. Also, he complained that the sales people made him unwelcomed and as if he were intruding on something highly personal. He vowed to have a place men ...view middle of the document...

They buy their clothes and perfumes and undergarments there. More importantly, Victoria’s Secret can maintain an upscale, mature image; while simultaneously catering to a huge piece of the consumer spending market, college kids.
The Stylish Fashion Shows and the Admired Catalogue
Victoria’s Secret has now made lingerie a mainstream, widely accepted garment on the television and in magazines. In 1995, they made it an event in a fashion show which is hugely popular annually. Now a common and well-liked event, the commercials on the television and the annual fashion has sent the gorgeous Angels into stardom. The Victoria Secret models, or Angels, are extreme super models, if there were such term. They are extreme because they are extraordinary famous on the runway and off. People all over the world know who they are because they model for Vitoria’s Secret. There are only a handful of companies whose models are a household name. It is rare, but the products speak for themselves. Many women feel exquisite wearing the brand out and underneath their clothes.
Victoria Secret’s Angel Card
The Card’s Offer
We all know and love Victoria’s Secret; they have those exquisite bath products, delicious perfumes, and lovely undergarments. How can anybody ever forget the diamond bra Victoria’s Secret unveiled at one of their extravagant fashion shows? The latest trending behavior is to get a Victoria’s Secret Angel Card. The card has a few other names, but they all do the same thing, the PINK Angel Card, the Angel Forever Credit Card, and the Angel Card, the card with access to benefits and savings.
Who doesn’t like to receive birthday and anniversary gifts or save up points to be used on merchandise at Victoria’s Secret? Meanwhile, doing nothing for something, such as; qualifying for many other promotional offers. For example; free shipping offers, free beauty gift offers, and high priority, elite, and exclusive sales. Participation on the Angel Forever Panel is also in the running of the promotional offers available to card...

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