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Victorian Fashion Essay

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“The Victorian era was a time of prosperity, broad imperial expansion, and great political reform” (Miller). It was an age in British history when Queen Victoria ruled from 1837 to 1901 ("Victorian Britain: An Introduction"). During this time there were no televisions, computers, central heating, or cars ("Victorian Britain: An Introduction"). Rather than going to school, most children began working around the age of six, which was mostly because of the Industrial Revolution which had also been going on at the time ("Victorian Britain: An Introduction"). Another unique part of the Victorian era was its fashion. Men, women, and children were expected to dress a certain way, even though their styles differed from one another.
Men of the Victorian age dressed in a particular fashion. Their attire involved the use of clean, basic lines, dark colors, and details ("Information About Victorian Era England Life"). A normal outfit consisted of stove-pipe pants and an everyday shirt under either a waistcoat or a vest (Miller). Before the use of the waistcoat, men wore corsets similar to the Victorian women’s apparel ("Information About Victorian Era England Life"). Along with this outfit, many men would have accessorized (Miller). Accessories would have been comprised of facial hair of all sizes and descriptions, and ties, or cravats, tied in multiple differents manners (Miller). In addition to these basic accessories, most men would carry pocket watches, wear gloves and hats, or use a walking stick even if they could walk perfectly without one ("Information About Victorian Era England Life"). The male gender’s fashion, along with all others fashion styles from the Victorian era, is very distinct.
Unlike men, women’s fashion changed throughout the Victorian times. During the beginning of the time period, women wore loose draped, high-waisted gowns with framework underskirts that originated in Paris ("19th Century Paris Women's Fashion"). As the season of winter approached, “to attempt to combat the chill, women adopted a three quarter-length overdress made from a warmer material and a variety of shawls, pelisses, and redingotes” ("19th Century Paris Women's Fashion"). Soon after this, females began wearing large-brimmed hats and bonnets ("19th Century Paris Women's Fashion"). With the invention of the sewing machine, layers of petticoats were added to the original framework underskirt, creating the crinoline petticoat ("19th Century Paris Women's Fashion"). Eventually, the weight of this crinoline became too much, resulting in the cage crinoline ("19th Century Paris Women's Fashion"). Along with the cage crinoline, women were also required to wear corsets with balloon sleeves (Miller). During this...

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