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Victory Business Meeting Essay

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At Victory, we know riding your motorcycle is the #1 priority – after all, your passion for riding is what started this chapter in the first place. We don’t want you bogged down by paperwork. That’s why we want to keep the heavy business meetings limited to one a year. By utilizing this section and holding one business meeting a year, your chapter can collect all the information that Victory requires – just prepare the forms in this section, send in the required documents, and be done! It’s that simple!
Annual Strategy Meeting
This meeting is designed not to add another item to your plate, but to take a critical look at what your chapter has accomplished over the year, where it struggled, and where you want it to go in the upcoming year.
This meeting is a closed meeting, attended only by chapter officers, the affiliated dealer, any discretionary persons (lawyer, accountant, banker, etc.) and your District Regional Manager, if he/she chooses. As a closed meeting, it is not our intent to hide information from chapter members, but to allow chapter officers to express themselves freely and to strategically think about what the chapter officers want to accomplish in the upcoming year without interruptions and deciding what is best for the chapter.
We recommend holding this meeting before January 15th to give you time to collect the required documents and submit them prior to the January 31st deadline.
The agenda for each chapter will be unique to each Chapter. However, there are some things that should be covered among all chapters in these meetings.
• Go through each individuals’ responsibilities to make sure they understand what their role is in the chapter and what they want to accomplish in the upcoming year
• Review the previous year – what went well, what didn’t, what were your weaknesses?
• Clarify and reaffirm goals of the chapter in the next year
• Revisit and reelect a Tier level for the chapter, working with your affiliated dealer in choosing the level
• Financial Review
o How is the chapter sitting...

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