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Vid Games Essay

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Videos Games often look down upon and seen as a waste of time and not respected as a major influence on society but video games is a growing that is more influential than movies. Video games can give experiences and point of views movies cannot. Video games are used to train professionals in the medical field and the armed forces. Video games send messages and influence society in many ways.
Video games are more influential than movies because video game allows one to experience life first hand without actually having to experience the event. The player have control over what is going on with their character same as them having control over that they do in person. With movies the audience just watch action unfold, in a video game the player creates what happens they’re making actions vicariously through the character they are controlling. Video games are similar to with life because the decisions made affects the outcome of the story. Video games drawing in the attention of a wide audience but not only do video games draw in a wide audience video games keep their attention for up to months. For example somebody can talk and rave about a movie for days but they will rave over a video games for month’s videos games captures people imagination in ways movies cannot because of its interaction features.
In directly more characteristics and skills are learned from video games than movies. When a person plays video games that person is learning how to make quick decisions, become aware of situations, how to pay attention. For example when I was elementary school I use to play NBA live on the Game Cube it was my favorite game and I use to play the game every day during this time I also played for my schools’ basketball team one day during a scrimmages in practice without thinking I started to do some of my favorite moves that was in the game and recognize more real life game situations. So I made it a part of my ritual to play basketball video games all day before my actual game. This is similar to how the army and surgeons are trained through video games. The use the video games to improve their awareness...

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