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Video Analysis: A Nurse I Am

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Nursing is a career that requires a lot but is also extremely rewarding. Not only do you nurse patients back to health, but also you also form bonds with these patients and maybe even their families. You are there for them physically, mentally and emotionally throughout their journey of recovery. In the video, A Nurse I Am, it follows the lives of three compassionate nurses: Mona Counts, Bob Wilkinson, and Ardis Bush. These nurses were chosen by their peers to receive the 2005 Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award due to their phenomenal work as nurses.
Mona Counts is a Nurse Practitioner at her own primary care facility. Her clinic provides health care to over five thousand patients ...view middle of the document...

” Bob takes care of very sick children and has to take care of their families as well, who are journeying through the unknown. Because all of his patient population is young and diseased, Bob is especially sensitive and willing to be an open ear for parents and family who are upset and need reassurance and comfort. Bob said, “You gotta give them love, and I think that’s with anybody. You gotta give them touch, confidence in your voice, sincerity, hope, but you still have to be honest with them.” Ardis learned from her mother to work hard in what she does. Ardis puts her patients before herself and is not judgmental towards any of her patients, but she is patient and understanding.
One particular action that stood out in my mind was when Bob went to church. One of his prayer requests was to offer his life for his patients. This stood out to me because he cares so much about his patients, that he was willing to give up his life so they could get better. One key point that I took away from the film is that you can’t turn on and off being a nurse. These nurses worry about their patients, even when off of work. They don’t just treat their patients like statistics but they really do care and they grow deep bonds with their patients and will do anything in their power to care for them.
Some advice that I will especially relate to is when Bob said,...

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