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INF10009 Introduction to Business Information Systems
The two primary aims of this assessment is
· To analyse the operational information of a business, and provide your assessment on how well the business is doing.
· Provide your analysis of the competitive landscape of VideoChamp as well as how technology has affected them over time.
Each student is required to use MS Excel to perform an analysis of the state of VideoChamp’s business. You are then expected to write a report that refers to specific analytical charts which you have created in MS Excel to assess VideoChamp business. Describing the data content of each chart is insufficient, you need to analyse the information that the chart provides.
Note that VideoChamp is a fictitious company.
Each student is expected to undertake research of the movie rental industry and use the information gathered to analyse the competitive landscape of VideoChamp using Porter’s Five Forces Model. The application of technology in VideoChamp and the movie rental industry also need to be examined.
You are expected to apply the concepts (not just define the theory) to VideoChamp. If necessary, you can make assumptions to support your argument. These assumptions must be stated clearly. Clear application of theory will demonstrate your understanding of these concepts.
Students need to write simply. The sentences need to flow and be easily understood by the reader. Use of complex jargon and difficult words should be the exception rather than the norm. Your ability to communicate well and concisely will be assessed.
The assessment is to be done by each individual student on their own. Discussion on concepts and expectations on the assessment can be done in class with teacher, but the deliverables must be completed individually. Students who submit duplicate assessments will be disqualified, irrespective of who copied from who.
VideoChamp is a movie rental company in Australia. It has only 1 outlet in Doncaster suburb in Melbourne. Customers have to travel to the store outlet to rent videos. Although many rental companies have closed down their store outlets which includes VideoEzy, VideoChamp business is still profitable, despite an obvious decline in the movie rental industry.
You have been given some basic data on the rental revenues of Video Champ over the last 2 years. Your objective is to analyse the data, and provide your assessment.
You are expect to complete and submit
(a) MS Excel Analysis Document (I have finished it)
(b) Business Analysis Report
B. Business Review Report
The report will have the sections as per the table below.
The assessment requires you to apply the concepts you have learnt from INF10009 in the analysis and argument about VideoChamp. Therefore, pure definitions from the recommended textbook or lecture material should not be used. Explain the concepts in your own words (paraphrase) and at the same time making reference to the material which you referred...

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