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Video Game Regulations Essay

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Violence in video games is a topic that has always been talked about. It is said that violent video games are one of the largest causes of many violent crimes. Because of its tremendous controversy of whether it’s true or not I decided to do my research on this topic. In Mass Communication: Living in a Media World, Ralph E. Hanson questions whether video games are even considered a “mass medium” (247) and then comes to a conclusion that it is. Like Hanson I also happen to believe that its part of mass media for various reasons. That reasons that brings me to that assumption are the regulations in video games, they all express different messages, and bring in a lot of money.
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Those games are really no different from video games because they both evoke violence. Now I am in no way condoning teen violence but I do believe that violent crimes go far beyond videogames. I was reading one of our online materials “Violent Video Games and Child Aggression”, and it says that the Harvard Mental Health Letter informs that “Other researchers have challenged the association between violent video game use and school shootings, saying that most of the young perpetrators had personality traits, which were apparent before the shootings and predisposed them to violence”. I honestly have to agree that perhaps those kids or teen who have made acts of violent crime are probably kids who are already undergoing through mental issues. And for that reason the government shouldn’t held the video game industry responsible for such acts.
In all honesty I’m not sure if it affects me personally but it affects all the video game makers such as my dad. My dad is a visual effect artist for video games and at times feels bad for the bad reputation that video games have. Just recently we were having a conversation about how my aunt is a social worker and my uncle is a firefighter. He was telling me that both “his brother and sister save lives” and him on the other hand feels like he’s doing the opposite because of all the bad name against video games. My dad has been playing video games both violent and nonviolent all his life and knows of people who have also played them for as long as he can remember. Neither my dad nor his friends have had the urge to create an act of violence against anyone. On the contrary he is a big hearted man.
This makes me go back to point, I really disbelieve that there’s such connection between violent video games and crimes. With that said I also believe that although there all these regulations with video games such as banning them like in...

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