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Video Game Systems: From Start To Now

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Have you ever wanted to know the history of video games, how they started, big brand producers of consoles and the consoles/arcade systems over the years? Also, have you ever wondered about how the consoles worked? Did you know that they never even sold discs at the beginning just a programmed game console! If no than my informational text would be categorized for you.
For the start of video games it wasn’t too bad, quality was irreverence for the beginning of the generations.The First person to make a so called “game system” was Ralph Baer and it was called Pong it was more like a HUGE arcade game but still, it is a system. That was the first game system ever made and it all started ...view middle of the document...

Although these game systems weren’t the most popular the PlayStation came out popular. The one thing this generation changed was that NES was created. That is what happened in this generation 3 to shape the next generation 4.

Generation 4 was mainly the exact as the last generation (still 16-bit) but, Sonic the Hedgehog was created and SNK. although their games aren’t the best they still have some good ones scattered along. But there were some popular Mario games made this generation. This is what happened in generation 4 to make up the next generation 5.

Generation 5 was a great generation that had 32 and 64-bit games (and consoles that weren’t just programmed) around. This generation introduced: Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Atari Jaguar, Amiga CD32, PC-FK, Sega Nomad, Virtual Boy, and Game Boy: Light and Pocket. It was a good generation. This is what happened in generation 5 to sculpt generation 6.
Generation 6 was a major success they made 128-bit games! They had many good systems in this generation. Some of the consoles (and now discs) were: Sega Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, and the Microsoft XBox. The X-box and the PlayStation were major successes and the games for them were getting more and more detailed. Generation 6 affected different things but mostly Generation 7.
Generation 7 was a Major success and some of the most used consoles today also. This generation had consoles such as: XBox 360, PlayStation3, and the Wii. The Wii was a good system that was a motion game to get you moving and exercising but it does not have a lot of pixels so, all games are really low quality but still it is very popular. One thing...

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