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"Video Game Violence" This Essay Answers The Question Of Wether Or Not Video Games Have A Violent Affect On Childrens Behavior. It Argues That Video Games Do Not Have Any Affect On Behavior.

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In America teenagers committed thousands of homicides last year and many believe these are due to video game violence. This paper clearly explains why video games do not cause any type of actual violence. My argument is based on three main points. All video games produced in America today are required to have a rating system. No proof exists that there is any relation to video games and violence, and a large number of Americans play video games today.All video games today have an ESRB rating system. This system involves a board that views the specified game and rates it on a scale. The scale ranges from "E" meaning for everyone to "M" meaning only suitable for mature or adult players. This system makes it very clear to any parent of a young child the content of the game. It also makes it clear for an older player who may be buying the game without parental supervision. This system puts the blame of a violent game squarely on the shoulders of the parents of the adolescents who are playing the game.The second important reason is that there is absolutely no proof that violent video games influence actual violence. A common misconception is that it has been proven video games influence violence but this is untrue. For example numerous video games that involve firearms do not actually teach the user how to properly load or fire the weapon used in the game. Video game violence involves pushing a button and moving a control pad rather...

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1121 words - 4 pages , “Video Violence: Where does the Buck Stop,” Deborah Enders explained that video games are also rated for violence. These ratings do not prevent a kid from buying a violent video game though (27-28). This however could also be the parents’ fault. For most kids it is difficult to come up with the money to buy titles for fifty plus dollars. If parents are giving their kids the money to buy these games they need to at least be aware of what their

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1119 words - 5 pages more thrilled about violent video games that usually include scenes with blood, death, drug, alcohol or even with sexual content. Television, movies and music are also part of the media violence; however, researchers have proved that violent video games are the most harmful because they are interactive.1 Unfortunately, the majority of these video games have a large negative impact on the behavior of the players due to the heavy content. This may

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720 words - 3 pages violent video game participants had more aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors than those who did not play the violent video games. ?According to the GAM, both situational and personological variables interact to affect a person's internal state.? (Anderson & Bushman 2002). The GAM states that violent video games have both short term and long term effects. In the short term, the games are a situational variable, causing an increase in

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805 words - 3 pages Do violent video games affect kids, ages 14-18?Violent video games have been around since 1976 when Death Race 2000 came out. In 1979 a game went out called Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in which the object of the game was to chop up as many people with a chainsaw as you could. Parents boycotted toy stores that sold this game. Since then, games have become ever more violent and realistic. I think it is the reality and the interactivity of the game

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2387 words - 10 pages about the specific topic of violent video games causing violence. Young or old, everyone seemed to have very decisive opinions on the topic (Everett 2014). Conclusion After conducting all of my research and compiling it into my conclusion in key findings I have come to a conclusion about my research project question, “Does violence in video games affect children’s behaviour?” All of my research points towards the idea that games don’t cause

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787 words - 4 pages Susan Orlean, an American journalist said “I've always been afraid of video games - not afraid that I wouldn't like them, but that I would like them too much, and that after mere seconds in front of any particularly bright and absorbing game, I would abandon all ambition, turn into a mouth-breathing zombie, and develop a wide, sofa-shaped rear end.” Many teenagers have been spending excessive time on violent video games. They do not realize the

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1603 words - 6 pages affects making friends, and it hurts the child’s physical health due to lack of exercise (Granic 1) (Do Violence 1). Many people and researchers believe that these violent video games are causing overwhelming problems, and they consider that the countries need to take action to stop the behavior from increasing. Some notice these affects that the violent video games have on the youth and have begun taking precautionary measures on these games to

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758 words - 4 pages rated. If it is for family, they can buy it. If it is for adult and mature only, they simply need to say no to children then put it away instead of buy it. Violent video games do not cause behavior problems. It is possible because some people have weak health issue as they are on video game or technology too long instead of taking good enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and need to get out more to have fun with family and friends in culture

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3454 words - 14 pages . Violent video games are producing more violent teenagers. However, it depends on the child’s character and the game itself, but our culture’s teenagers are attractive and increasingly more violent. In general, one of the major ways to prevent these behaviors from budding is to lease games before getting them. Parents can have a possibility to play the game and see the severity. Another way that parents can put off the world from flattering or

Violent Video Games Do NOT Contribute to Youth Violence

2409 words - 10 pages in brain response to real life violence. This is because the violent game affects a part of the brain hypothesized to cause desensitization. It is then thought that this “desensitization” to violence predicts that those who play these games will become violent themselves later. (Bartholow, Bushman, Sestir, 2006) This is a blanket assumption based on an affect seen on a part of the brain that is not yet proven to control “desensitization

Effects of Video Games on Children's Behavior

1810 words - 7 pages avoiding games that could foster undesirable behavior. However, at the game phase when the child comprehends the social relationship system, video games would not have a major impact on behavior as the child would autonomously choose what behavior to adopt based on social dictates. This postulate of video games having no effect of children’s behavior is not solid. Researchers who support this theory do not provide concrete support for their argument

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2352 words - 9 pages . TV and movies also play a role in a child’s life, influencing them more than video games do. A study was conducted on how often a child saw violence on television, 25% answered most of their shows, and only 15% answered that they saw violence in video games, showing that violence is more common on TV as it is in video games. Studies have shown that violent video games are not the cause of violence, it may be the other way around that is more

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3076 words - 12 pages video games (Scott 2). This further illustrates the fact that no matter the activity one participates in, aggression in increased by activity. In other words, video games do not increase aggression in children any more than doing push-ups or playing tag. Another problem that past experimenters had is that when video games first became popular, there was not much of a difference between violent video games and nonviolent video games. In

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