Computer Game With Our Healthy Essay

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 A.Introdution Good morning everybody! I am….It is a pleasure to be talk with you today. We are here today to review about computer game with our heath. All things that are doing excessively, tended to give the negative effect than positive. This principle is valid for every normal activities. One of it is play games. If being too long, play games could reduce the physical condition, and resulting in saturation bouncing. A simple research mentioned that playing games more than 2 hours will results in eyes tired. You can prove it and you must be had felt it. Nevertheless, the tired eyes sometimes could not stifle your wish to continue playing. There are many influences from playing games too long, that could result in bad to your health. Therefore I will give some examples about games side​effect for the body. In this way, you will know the risks that you will be dealt with, and then try to anticipate it. I hope through this article, you could more good in managing your time. And continue to keep up the good stamina, although while playing games. My presentation will be in three parts. Firstly I am going to look at The impact for the body. Then I am going to talk to you about The illness caused by game. Finally, I am going to Tips maintaining the health. The presentation will probably take around 10 minutes. There will be the time for questions at the end of my talk. B.Body I.The impact for the body 1. Skin and hair Play games, as "in the house activity", makes your body don't get...

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884 words - 4 pages behavior have no connections, we are just wasting our time to prove there is one. That’s why teens should have a choice to play video games for their benefit. Works Cited "Crime in the United States, 2008," FBI website, Sep. 2009 Olson,Cheryl. Kutner, Lawrence. Warner, Dorothy. Almerigi, Jason.Baer, Lee. Nicholi, Armand. and Eugene Beresin, "Factors Correlated with Violent Video Game Use by Adolescent Boy

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