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Are Video Games a Form of Art?
What is Art? If you ask a hundred people you may get a hundred different responses, especially if you decide to question a wide range of people. Art is described differently throughout different generations, cultures, and societies. The younger generation may recognize rap music as an art while the older may one label rap as a bunch of noise. The citizens of Spain call the sport of bull fighting a form of art, while some in the United States label it as animal cruelty. It is hard to define art is because art is extremely personal, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Recently there has been a great deal of discussion whether video games should be ...view middle of the document...

These are just a few examples that show how video games have been showcased and defended as art in society. The video game industry progresses with each coming generation, while reaching new heights and producing amazing visuals to be experienced by players.
To create a video game it usually takes a large group of people with many different responsibilities. The process to create a video game is long and arduous. It contains many different stages, steps, and roles to fill before the finished product can be released. The first role is the Designing. Video game designers need to understand computers well, but just as importantly they need to have strong artistic talents. The designer needs to be able to lay the foundation for the overall story line as well as create a vision for the characters, scenery, and other artistic details that enhance the game and make it visually appealing (Lund 23). A huge similarity that video games share with popular art, considering most people wish to see something interesting in front of their eyes, is their visual appeal. The designer works closely with the concept artists who breathe life into the games. A concept artist creates a games aesthetic style as well as all the environment, characters, and artistic objects that grab the player’s attention. The level of artistic detail being put into video game design these days is breathtaking (Liming 7). Just like modern day art video games have become visually appealing and more realistic with each coming generation.
Art is usually described as being visually pleasing; the same can be said of video games. The concept for a video game can come from a variety of sources. Games come from brand new ideas or they may be based on an existing character or story line from a book or movie. Either way the video games bring these characters and scenarios to a new life that has not existed before. A game designer can manipulate and create the players’ feelings and emotions through the artistic design they place in the game (Featherstone 18). The level of detail built in to the role-playing games like Warcraft, and Assassins Creed is amazing. Each of these games draws inspiration from various aspects of history, culture, and even ideas from all around the world. Just as art is inspired, so to be video games by the world we live in. The drawings of the characters and backgrounds are so vivid and realistic they seem to make the screen disappear. Many people’s first reaction to seeing a modern video game on the screen is one of awe at the level of detail. Even in the more basic or cartoon style games, the artistic designers use colors and details that leave players genuinely satisfied (Video Games).
Video Games are also a new form of immersive and interactive art. A video game is designed to immerse the player in the game and allow them to become an active part in it. This interactivity of games provides video game designers and artists with the unique potential to connect with their...

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