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The Impact Of Video Games On Children

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Over the years gaming has become a widely popular aspect of our culture Kids and teenagers have replaced riding there bike or playing with dolls for video games that connect people together all over the globe .We have all been there at one point and time, there are games for just about anybody. Video games are for all age’s yes us adults love to play them to. Playing video games are fun but not a lot of people realize the impact video games can have on the body physically and mentally. Excessive playing of video games can cause decreased social skills, deterioration in health and increased aggressive behavior.
Yet many people are concerned how this impacts there social skills the everyday face to face contact. When playing video games people limit their self’s to social interaction unless it has to do with the game, a lot of people play online and talk to their friends through a headset. When people have face to face contact they develop skills in learning how to communicate with people and eye to eye contact you don’t get that through a video game. Being in a social environment promotes social skills. A social environment can provide opportunities for one to learn how to behave properly in different situations. When playing video games most of the time the person is alone and confined in room. Meaning there is very little social interaction between the person and the game. When people play video games they play in sessions and they can last a long time even all night. People get so wrapped up in playing these games they blow off their friends and family meaning it’s hard to maintain social relationships.
Video games not only affect your social skills but can deteriorate a person’s health. When you confine to yourself playing video games you start snacking on junk food and drinking pop. People pick up these unhealthy eating habits and don’t even realize it. There consuming more fat calories then they can possibly burn off which can lead to another problem obesity. People don’t realize there racking on the pounds, then when they finally realize the weight they have gained and they don’t feel the motivation the get rid of it. When you play video games you set for hours sometimes playing your favorite game...

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