Video Games And The Future Generations

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“One more round, mom” is the usual phrase repeated by video gamers and detested by parents and guardians; this phrase what has now caused one of the most widely debated subjects of the 21st century. Video games are often described as a waste of time, and are used to rationalize poor decisions made by gamers. However, little is known that video games enhance future prospects by improving one’s health, career, and general lifestyle.
A commonly repeated phrase which anti-gamers utilize is that playing video games will result in poor eyesight. Conversely, according to a study conducted by neuroscientist Daphne Bavelier, gamers who played video games of the action genre in particular for a period of approximately 5 to 15 hours per week showed improvements in eyesight in two different aspects (, 2012). The first advancement that was noted by the neuroscientist was the enhancement in the ability of detail that gamers could distinguish; the test that was conducted featured the usual standard ophthalmic exam using a Snellen chart (, 2012). The test proved that not only the myth of poor eyesight due to gaming is wrong, but also that it enhanced the gamer’s eyesight acuity! (, 2012) To be precise, the average person’s eyesight is 6 lines down the Snellen chart, while the gamer’s eyesight stands at 8 lines down the chart which shows that gamers are able to distinguish more detail than average people (, 2012). Furthermore, the same study organized by Dr. Bavelier also revealed that gamers can distinguish more levels of gray than the average person, which contradicts general belief of that a gamer’s eyesight gets worse overtime when in fact a gamer can identify more small changes in the levels of contrast, especially differences in gray shades than the average person (, 2012). Unfortunately anti-gamers also relate gaming with obesity, this claim is fallacious (, 2007). In fact, major console producers have manufactured new calorie burning additions to their original consoles such as PlayStation’s Move, Xbox’s Kinect and the Wii console (, 2014). Although it is almost impossible to calculate the exact number of calories that one burns due to differences in weight, resting metabolic rate and many other factors, but on average gamers who used the new calorie burning consoles burnt an average of 248 calories per hour (, 2014). This in comparison to an action that the average person may consider healthier than gaming such as walking, at 2 miles per hour to be specific burns more calories. According to results published by Mayo Clinic, walking for one hour at a speed of 2 miles per hour burns around 204 calories which is less that playing non-traditional video games; these are games that include some type of movement (,...

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