Video Games Affect The Mind: Acquired Aggression

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Modern video games have been known to spur aggression in younger users. As a fellow video game player, over the past years I have concluded that video games drastically change your mentality towards an aggressive cognitive pattern. I have witnessed the wrath that video games induce firsthand. The mind travels to a dark and treacherous place during gameplay, which leads to aggressive anger displacement towards others that are completely innocent. I am not the only one which claims this mental aggression to be true, my fellow peers have also confirmed that game-play completely alters your cognitions and perception temporarily. Those who have played video games consistently for several years ...view middle of the document...

Anderson further exposes the strong relationship between video game playing and aggressive behavior. Dr. Anderson writes, “Second, how can exposure to violent video games increase aggression? This question requires an examination of underlying processes, especially the three routes in the model: cognition, affect, and arousal. But only the cognitive route is specifically tied to the violent content of video games. Even non-violent games can increase aggressive affect, perhaps by producing high levels of frustration. Similarly, exciting non-violent games can increase arousal, but only violent games should directly prime aggressive thoughts and stimulate the long-term development of aggressive knowledge structures” (356). Aggressive thoughts and behaviors are caused by frustration and are explained by the cognitive approach of psychology. Anderson demonstrates that violent video games primes aggression in a user, and that this can lead to a long-term development of aggression. After conducting an experiment involving 1,495 participants, Anderson explains the results in terms of cognitive changes in the mind. Anderson states, “Violent video games increased aggressive thoughts in males and females, in children and adults, and in experimental, non-experimental settings. Most of these studies were experimental, thus demonstrating a causal link between exposure to violent video games and aggressive cognition. Therefore, violent video games may increase aggression in the short-term by increasing aggressive thoughts” (358). Anderson’s evidence solidifies the argument because of the sheer amount of people involved and their results, it proves that the link between aggression and violent games is a reality.

Psychologist Mark Griffiths is the director of the International Gaming Research Unit and head of the Psychology department at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. Griffiths is particularly interested in the study of cyberpsychology, gambling addiction, and excessive online video game...

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