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Video Games And Americas Troubled Youth

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Video games have come a long way since the days of Pong. Advances in technology have allowed games to present state of the art graphic and surreal like qualities to its consumers; from four star simulated battle scenes to enhanced real live fire shoot outs. With all these innovations added to violent video games naturally it attracted the visual needs of our teenage youth. Although video game violence has been blamed for high profile school shootings, video games and its creators should not be held accountable for these tragedies because there is not enough credible evidence to absolutely link video games to outburst of violence amongst juveniles.
Video games have made a killing in the world of entertainment, it is a multibillion dollar industry. Games like Call of Duty, God of War and Grand Theft Auto contribute to this segments popularity targeting energy drink filled teens and college students alike. Video games involving violent content have often been referred to as “murder simulators” and are constantly blamed for poisoning the minds of the youth and causing them to revolt and lash out. Video games are used as a scapegoat for the Medias reasoning behind high profile school shootings like Columbine and the most recent Sandy Hook case. School shootings are a rarity and do not occur often enough to make that an accurate claim, history \as proved their timing to be sporadic. Trying to peg a motive for a “typical shooter” is a difficult task given these circumstances, the only fact known to most officials investigating these cases are all or most suspects played video games. This one factor has caused a public outcry for stricter regulations and censorship of media content. “When there’s violence in the streets, the cry becomes ‘blame the playmaker’… that’s a very facile argument to pin on something that’s a real life tragedy” (2012). Blaming video games for mass shootings or any type of tragedy is and easy argument for someone to make since there isn’t enough proof to state that violence in video games does/doesn’t cause negative consequences. Using this argument to make a credible case may prove to be faulty since everything involving the media in some way has an influence on teens, that would be opening the doors to a plethora of other cases and assumptions that can lead to the youth potentially becoming killers. Research was conducted on the exposure of television violence and its effects on kids, organizations like the American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association and the Academy of Pediatrics have concluded that there is a cause and effect relationship among those exposed. However, such studies do not demonstrate that media violence causes aggressive behavior, only that the two phenomena exist together (207). This finding was used to make the assumption that it would likely be the case with video games.
Other factors that seem to be heavily weighted but are dismissed when figuring out the motive and psyche of...

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