Video Games And Society Essay

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Video Games and Society
Are video games really meant to be for society? Are they really as corruptive as most studies make them out to be? There is without doubt video games have made an impact on society. According to, “97% of 12-17 year olds in the US played videogames” (“Video Games”). You could ask nearly any teenager of the streets if they have played a video game, and their answer will most likely be yes. But is this a bad thing? Video games can help society in many different ways, more entertainment for all people and creating new inventions. Though people have questions of either way videos cause violence to children. Adults mostly see the games that are considering violent and figure that those sorts of games, endorse violence, especially when a tragic event has occurred, however, events like those show no correlation between video game and real life. Videos games have a lot more potential than most believe them to have. For instance; they help the economy, they can help maintain the body mentally and physically, and help develop people psychologically.
First, our economy is the very basis of our lives. Marketing has been through our world for centuries. If our new inventions never were to be, marketing would go down. “Funded by a $1.4 million grant from Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, Crystals and a second iPad game, called Tenacity, also developed by Games+Learning+Society” (Harold). A problem in the world is the market. Sometimes the market goes down and people can not make much money. Video games create a new part of that market and bring it up as a new invention. Even Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, supported a game by investing money towards it. His company is not just a company; it is a company that majorly supports onto the video game economy along with other technology. Video games are not only for fun, but money goes around with video games. These video games and technology benefited people to have more jobs. This creates more money to assist people within the economy. People making games have a quite a large salary. People with a large salary buy products that they want, as this continues, this helps rebuild the economy. Video games are also available world-wide, making sales a lot more diverse. Also, it iss hard enough to argue video games lack of use to society with how much it helps the economy, but along with that, it can help people’s physical and mental capability as well.
Video games can help the body in various ways. “Playing a fast-paced game, especially one with shooting, is like a jolt of adrenaline to your body,” he says, “And if you can feed that change your pulse, imagine what else is going on in your body and brain that you cannot see” (Berstein). Adrenaline is when the body goes into a hype form. Your heart rate is faster, vessels are bigger, and you feel a lot more focus. This is sort of exercise to the body. If the body can get used to this, the body can get more oxygen, more movement,...

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