Video Games And Struggle Of Socialization

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Term Paper: Struggle of Socialization in EntertainmentVideo games are one of the many entertaining past times for people of all ages. Games and consoles have clearly evolved rapidly throughout generations from Super Mario on the Nintendo Entertainment System to Call of Duty on the PlayStation 4. Many people play for endless hours which can affect their social behaviors negatively. Because of video games having an addictive quality, a lot of time is lost in exploring the outside world and socializing with ...view middle of the document...

Many researchers have created studies and observations which either is promoting or against this controversial issue.Scientists have studied on how video games promote anti-social behaviors and evidence has been found on both sides of the issue. Researchers, Tobias Gritemeyer and Dirk Mügge, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, stating how "violent video games do, indeed, affect aggressive outcomes." Science revealed that players who spend more time playing violent video games seem to reveal less self-control and behaved more aggressively. An experiment showed how a group of teenagers played violent video games and a group played non-violent video games for thirty five minutes, the players who played the nonviolent games displayed less moral conducts towards others and had an increase in violent emotions. I would believe mostly that video games can clearly be regulated in how much one must play and what games peopleWork CitedJacobs, Tom. "Violent Video Games and Bad Behavior: The Evidence Mounts." Pacific Standard. N.p., 10 Feb. 2014. Web. 06 Apr. 2014.

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