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Video Games And Their Critics Essay

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Video games, like most forms of pop culture and entertainment, are not considered to be a subject worth studying or evaluating. However, video games can have a profound effect on culture by repeatedly exposing their audience to a set of values and morals that could become part of the social norm. Considering that many view the gaming world as being male dominated and thus strictly for men, little seems to have been done to ensure that female representation in video games is either accurate or diverse. Reviewers and critics of video games need to analyze the social context of the media as much as they analyze the art and other technical aspects of the video games themselves. There is a ...view middle of the document...

While Anita Sarkeesian’s perception of the situation may not be widely accepted in the video gaming community, her video blogs can be considered an invaluable asset to video gamers. Anita Sarkeesian’s videos explore topics of female representation in a seemingly well-organized mannerism that includes the analysis of the greater social ramifications of the subject.
Sarkeesian’s level of is evident through the quality of her video blogs and their overall presentation quality. Anita Sarkeesian’s opinion of how women are portrayed appears to be knowledgeable. Not only does she speak in an eloquent manner but it seems as though a considerable amount of research has been allocated to these projects. Each video is presented on accompanied by a list of resources as well as a transcript of the actual video. Even if the viewer does not agree with her conclusions, she appears to be able to present her views in a mannerism that suggests concern and interest in the subject.
In her various installments featured at, Sarkeesian discusses many aspects of video games. In the first installment of “Damsels in Distress- Tropes vs Women,” Sarkeesian states that “The pattern of presenting women as fundamentally weak, ineffective or entirely incapable also has larger ramifications beyond the characters themselves and the specific games they inhabit. We have to remember that these games do not exist in a vacuum, they are an increasingly important and influential part of our larger social and cultural ecosystem (Sarkeesian 2013 March).”
Sarkeesian’s views seem to not only encompass the content of the games but also how that content affects the players as well as those around the video game players as well. Her views suggest that a video gamer does not turn off the game and return to a different state of mind but that sometimes the player carries over what they have been exposed to in the video game into the real world. Her analysis and conclusion can be an indication that she is viewing the video game beyond physical content. She seems to be analyzing aspects that are commonly overlooked when critiquing video games and considering the...

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