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Video Games And Their Possible Affect On Us

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On October 18, 1958, a nuclear physicist named William Higinbotham introduced to the world the first video game ever, Tennis for Two. In only 56 years his invention would lead to a multi billionaire dollar industry that would reach its influence to all the corners of the world. Video games have not only become global but incredibly popular in diverse groups, but its influencing has seeped into our every day lives. I remember visiting my brother for a weekend where we went to his friend’s apartment and played Grand Theft Auto V. I remember thinking if I continued to watch I would never be able to drive normally without swerving and running over every cop I saw. The experience definitely had an effect on how I viewed actually driving. But at the same time its important to note that people have been driving reckless since the beginning of cars and maybe
Grand Theft Auto is only a healthy outlet for people to drive carelessly and not hurt anyone. Is the violence in video games affecting us to behave more violently or is it simply a good outlet to release aggression that has built up through out a normal day?
In 1961 MIT student Steve Russell created Spacewar, the first interactive computer game. Almost a decade later in 1970 Noland Bushnell who had been working closely with Spacewar first succeeded in putting together a “hardwired dedicated machine that can hook up to a television set to play a video version of Spacewar.” The beginning of video games, as we know them today. Bushnells named this new game Computer Space. That same year Nutting Associates purchased Computer Space and developed it further as one the first arcade games. In 1971 1,500 Computer Space machines were manufactured and distributed the game to unpopular responses, often citing that the game as too difficult. In 1972 after Nutting refused to give Bushnell a larger cut of the profits of the game he created, Bushnell angry decides to leave and start his own company Atari. Bushnell hires Al Alcorn and together they create a much simpler interactive game, Pong, as the name implies is ping pong on the computer, Pong is widely successful as an arcade game.
In the same year Magnavox begins manufacturing the Odyssey, the first home gaming console. Part if not most of the Odyssey’s success is due to Pong; many people bought the console as way to get a home version of Pong. Due to this in 1976 Fairchild Camera & Instruments releases their fist Video Entertainment System (later renamed Channel F) the first home game console that can take different cartridges and thus be able to change the game within the console a revolutionary step in the video game industry. At the same time Exidy Games released Death Race 2000, one of the first video game with violence against people; the object of the game being to run over stick figures with your car. The public responded in an uproar, gaining national attention not just for the game itself but the whole of the industry for the first time. But...

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