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Video Games And Their Psychological Effects

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Video Games and Their Psychological Effects
Regarding developing of technology, it is obviously that video games are one of the most common used materials. Leaving the technology industry on the other side, our research question is concerning about interaction between younger population and video games. As media and other resources introduce world population with rising number of younger population’s usage of video games and changing of behavior, the issue lies why this is considered as the problem. We chose this topic because we wanted to analyze and understand the way of changing of children’s behavior while they are using video games. As environment seems to be one of the basic factors that influence on human behavior, video games are presented as their virtual environment that can lead to bad or good changes. Our research paper is regarded as a significant one, because one of the important things for human existents is interaction with their environment, which video games have become. Strengths and limitation that can be caused with using of video games have huge connection with psychological state of person. This investigation is considered as worthy, because world is integrated with questions about younger population and their behavior that is affected by virtual environment and possibilities of changing of behavior. Nowadays, people are mostly confused about impact of violent and educational video games on younger population. The study related to this claim is research that is made in one college where students were exposed to using of the violent video games for the time. After a time, measurements that are made showed that students that were playing violent video games behaved aggressively. It also showed that student’s behavior was changed and it raised the biggest psychological symptom aggression (Holmes). As the study says, violent video games can provide appearance of some bad psychological symptoms as in this case aggression is. This leads to statement that video games have effect on changing of human behavior. The study made on University of Central Florida presents research where they want to prove that educational video games are good tool for preparations for exams. The group of students that attended classes and were learning by using educational video games got better scores than students that did not attend classes with educational video games (Riedel). This study encourages that video games expect leading to appearance of bad symptoms, may provide improving of human behavior and personal skills. These two studies best explain the reason why this topic is worth. The debate may be actuated about bad sides of using video games and their effect on changing of human behavior, as well as good sides of using video games and their effect on changing of human behavior. And there is quote about video games, which states that using of video games and their effect are really one of the most common asked questions. “Video games account...

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