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Video Games Are Beneficial To Developing Brains Tsu English Video Games Are Beneficial To Developing Brains

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Ms. Alana Thompson
English 1020-07
October 20,2017
Video Games Are Beneficial To Developing Brains
Many parents view playing of video games by their children as a waste of time with some experts in education theorize that the games lead to a corruption of the brain. Playing video games has become a favorite pastime for many students when they are not involved in other activities. With the transformation into the digital age, video games development has become a byproduct of the transformation, with the games developing from simple task oriented to complex games that involve many activities and varying tasks. With the wide array of games available for play across different platforms, it has become increasingly easy to gain access to games with devices as small as mobile phones having the capabilities to host and play games on. The effect of the games on young people has been the subject of concern for many parents due to the time spent playing the games and the effects playing the games might have on their children. However, the playing of games should not be of much concern for parents and educators as the games have been shown to be beneficial to the developing of brain functionality and structure with the biggest benefit being the enhancement of mental skills.
The main benefit of video games to a developing brain is the enhancement of mental skill to a child who regularly plays the games. Mental skills are necessary for coping with daily lives by anyone and their development points to the advantages of playing video games. These mental skills include logic and problem solving, logistics, planning, and resource management, hand-eye coordination, spatial, and fine motor skills, and the management of multiple objectives, the simultaneous tracking of several shifting variables, and multitasking. According to Daphne Bavelier, a cognitive scientist from the University of Rochester, playing fast action video games enhances the player’s ability to make quick analysis and decisions (Bavelier 535). Playing video games that require quick thinking at nearly every second gives the brain a real workout. The study suggests that video games can be effective in the training of professions in the military and surgeons as the games enhance the capabilities to make accurate decisions per unit time, a necessary skill in the said fields. The games also train the brain to make faster decisions without compromising the accuracy. The evidence from the study shows that video games enhance mental skills by increasing accuracy and quick decision-making and are thus beneficial to the developing brains of young people.
Another mental skill developed by playing video games is situational awareness. Defense News reported that the United States Army uses video games in their training of combat situational awareness to its soldiers. Various strategy video games require players to be alert to the sudden changes of a situation in a game and the capability...

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