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Video Games Are Good Essay

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Global entertainment has been evolving technologically and the most recent advance was video games. Since video games came into our world culture, there has been a massive amount of change. They became the new “big thing” of modern day entertainment. Unfortunately the rise of video games has come with great amount of debates on whether or not games are actually good for you. The world media has been accusing video games as a main source of aggression but video games actually can help people around the world in a social, physical, and intellectual way.
A huge controversy was about the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. During December 2012, Adam Lanza, who was a video ...view middle of the document...

Multiplayer video games also contribute to the increase of communication. Users can communicate with their teammates to get rewards or achievements by helping themselves and other teammates to complete a mission or objective. Additionally, some other genres of games require players to solve puzzles like Portal, Ace Attorney, and Professor Layton. Games like these help with critical thinking and thinking “outside of the box”. Some games every are made solely for the purpose of education like Brain Age and Rhythm Heaven. Furthermore, creators of the video games such as Mass Effect or the Walking Dead, give the players different options and actions for certain scenarios which could change the storyline depending on the choices the player makes. People have other ways to get to know each other as well, such as conventions, community meet-ups, and Internet forums. This influences people to communicate and feel more comfortable since many others have the same interests.
Throughout history, children at very young ages have been giving games to help with learning. For example, the Leapfrog Enterprises is a company made to produce educational toys and games for young minds of the upcoming generations like Frogger. This game is about a frog trying to get to the other side of a busy road. In order to cross, you must avoid getting hit by incoming cars. If you do not avoid them fast enough, you will be killed and put back to the beginning. This mild amount of violence not only teaches children to learn how to learn from their mistakes but also brings up their reaction skills. Aside from learning new skills, video games have recently been given the chance of another job in society. According to the New York Daily News, “German researchers have found that video gaming causes increases in the brain regions responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation, and strategic planning as well as fine motor skills” (Daily). This discovery gave games the potential to even help patients, who could have mental disorders or have suffered from brain damage, recover! They can be used to regenerate brain cells that they have lost which is a perfect reference to how video games could help people physically. For example, there is a patient who develops Amnesia from a previous car accident that affected their memories control. Video games could help treat this patient by increasing the brain cell growth rate in that certain area of the brain. Another fact is that studies have shown that playing action-based video games like FPS and adventure games can help with mental and physical...

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