Video Games Are Good For People

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Video games are powerful tools that can help children develop certain life skills. According to video games have been shown through research, that they can have improve the brains memory and learning abilities. They can also increase reasoning and help problem solving along with hand- eye coordination. Video games have been proven to be good for kids.
There has been a lot of studies done over the past couple years over how video games effect children and video games have real life gains. Video games with cooperation can help to increase how well they can work with others. So this means that kids who are playing video games now will work better with other adults when they get older, lowering the chances of problems at work. There are also more benefits to video games. “According to research at the University of Rochester, people who played action-based games made decisions 25% faster than others, without sacrificing accuracy, and can pay attention to more things at once.” (Yes) “A study from the University of British Colombia, found men who found at least 3 hours a week playing action video games had better reaction times as well as improved focus and stronger target detection.” (5 Studies) This may mean the future generation will be better drivers, causing fewer accidents.
Video games have also shown other ways that they can help children and adults more than if they just sat and watched TV. Video games increase the grey matter in the right side of your brain. This means that the brain has an increased process of information from the sensory organs. A study on people who had strokes showed that video games improved hand strength and helped with movement of their arms. Video games being able to help people who have had strokes is a big deal, this shows that video games can change the lives of people, just by playing them.
There have been studies that have shown that video games can help teens with depression. “The study included 168 teens with an average age of 15 that had previously sought help or struggled with depression.” “The results for the SPARX group were extremely encouraging. About 44 percent of SPARX players recovered completely from depression while only 26 percent of the...

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