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Video Games Are Not The Source Of Violence

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In recent years, as video games become more violent and crime increases, people have begun to blame the crime on violent video games! Not only is it wrong, its dumb. Just because a game is violent doesn’t mean it makes the person violent.
FBI Statistics
The percentage of violence in teens has gone down since computer and video game popularity increased. The popularity increase is not the cause of the violence decrease itself. The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declared: “The state has not produced substantial evidence that … violent video games cause psychological or neurological harm to minors” (Gallagher). The suggestion that videogames are the cause of violence in people is ridiculous beyond imagine. If researchers, and FBI workers even, have shown that violence has decreased, then why are we still blaming video games for violence? The video games are not telling people that they should go and kill someone, or to rob a bank for some quick cash.
Video Games have a rating system that allows parents to be aware of the content of the games their children play. All current game systems have parental controls, enabling parents to block games they don’t want their children playing. This ensures that parents standards are enforced even when they aren’t home (Gallagher). All of these controls have the option of password protection to ensure the settings aren’t changed.
Calming effect
Researchers found that the playing of the video games actually had a slight calming effect on certain youths. It also helped reduce aggressive behavior and bullying behavior (Nauert).
This study was important in light of the current debate as to if videogames are or aren’t the cause of aggression and social violence in youths. Such violence includes bullying, physical fighting, criminal assaults and homicide. “Regarding concerns about some young mass homicide perpetrators having played violent video games, Doctor Christopher Ferguson, contributor to, said, ‘Statistically speaking, it would actually be more unusual if a youth delinquent or shooter did not play violent...

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