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America is one of the biggest countries in the entire world, and also provides more influence on other countries societies than any other in the world. Every single day when you turn on the news you can see where some fad that started in America is slowly making its way throughout the entire world. Whether it is the NFL, which has made its way into being one of the most widely watched sports in all of Europe, the next boy band that will somehow crawl out of the wood work, or just the next line of clothing from one of the blossoming brands in America, somehow and someway the things that are going on in our society will make its way through the entire world. However, there is one big question that everyone would like to know. What is it that shapes American society and makes us the way we are, makes us do the things we do, or makes us want the things that we want? Two things that shape American society as it is today are both art and music. The two actually go hand in hand in many aspects. Some people actually look at music as an art and can evaluate it down to the very note that is being played. Art however can be looked at in such a vast way that almost anything can be look at as art. One art form that has a huge effect on our society is the art of video games, and you can tell in almost every facet of society the effects that they are currently having. There are three major things that video games affect in American society, and those are violence, socially acceptable behavior, and the overall intelligence of American society.
If you look back on the history of American and the children in America, it’s hard to ignore the fact that America has become a more violent society. You used to be able to turn on the news, and things as insignificant as a fire on Main Street were the most significant stories in the state. However, it is almost impossible to turn on the news now days and not see something involving a shooting or senseless attack of some nature. In the old days when something like this would happen, there would be candlelight visuals all over the country to grieve for these lost souls, but now a days through the constant barrage of seeing these things on the TV, and acting them out in video games, we have become desensitized to the point where seeing that three people were shot has little to no affect on us. Every single day when you’re watching the television or listening to the radio, you can see another new video game that is centered on taking lives and the glory that doing so will be bestowed on those that carry out the acts. Some of these games do show the heroism that is going to war and defending your country, but many of them focus on being a rebel brigade in the streets of America, or just carrying out senseless acts of crimes to impress women and get money for yourself. Let’s walk through one of the most popular games in American society today, Grand Theft Auto. The popular video game title has five separate...

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