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Video Games For Health Essay

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While taboo is too strong of a word, accepting is equally not the correct view. Depending on the position taken, however, one usually finds them self leaning too far in either direction to call video games anything other than a pastime or a waste of time. Contrary to commonly held beliefs health and wellness can be markedly improved from the application of gaming. These video games can be rewarding on many levels; increased critical thinking and puzzle-solving abilities, increased reflexes and vision, even reaching so far as to having positive physical health including rehabilitation applications.
There is a reason that simple wooden puzzles, shape blocks and coloring books are staples in ...view middle of the document...

Secondary to the improved ocular focus is the ability to discern various similar shades of a singular color. Using a standard hex wheel chart for color, there are 256 steps of color between red, #FF0000, and purple, #FF00FF. Of these 256 shades, an average person can only see so many of the steps between whereas a typical video game player would be able to differentiate a larger subset of those individual steps. This has very real applicability outside of video games and into the real world. For example,operating a vehicle in inclement weather such as snow, rain or fog could have a video game player simply seeing the vehicle or obstruction before other drivers and responding accordingly.
A portmanteau of “exercise” and “gaming”, exergaming, is a genre of video gaming that uses a whole-body physical activity approach. Due to increasingly desk-bound and indoor lifestyles exergaming could prove to have a notable rewarding impact on both youth and adults. There is a potential to turn the tide of this swelling segment with the appeal of video games with the rewards of exercise, by masking or incentivizing an activity already being partaken. Exergaming is both physically-engaging and cognitively-engaging, and this potent combination might possibly result in both improved learning ability and memory retention.
While not directly associated to being a video game, a great example of an exergaming device would be the various stationary bike and treadmill exercise equipment device to hit the market that utilize an interactive “course”. Furthermore, the inclusion of this interactive element serves as an additional incentive...

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