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Video Games: Good For You, And Bad For You

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I believe video games are an educational tool for people of various age groups. Not only do some games have the ability to improve hand-eye coordination, they also can give the user skills for planning strategic manuevers and other good ideals. Games such as The Legend of Zelda and Pac-Man aid the player in developing a sense ...view middle of the document...

To much playing at a time is dangerous though, due to the rare after-affects such as convulsions, altered vision, involuntary movements, loss of awareness, eye or muscle twitching, and disorientation. This can all be easily prevented as long as you follow the instructions located in the Health and Safety Information booklets that come equipped with all games and game systems.Some people state that playing video games gives the person a bad posture. Who really cares about a bad posture!?!?!? Its not like it will change your life or even damage your body at all.In conclusion, I hope my reasons that state video games are a good thing will make you inclined to believe this to. What about the bad stuff? As long as you use your head, and pay attention to the manual, you should never experience any of the cons.

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