Video Games In Canada: An Exhibition Of Canadian Artists And Designers

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features of the exhibit will a display on how fans of these games and taken ownership, by creating costumes, making fan fiction, creating their own content or “Mods” as they are called. The intention is to get visitors to reflect on these games as items of cultural significance.
Art: There is little to argue that games are art. That is not an objective worth arguing in this exhibit. This exhibit is arguing what makes this form of art worthy of recognition. The exhibit will display concept art, computer generated images, and music. It will ask the patron to observe the same respect for this art that they would for other artists that were featured within the Glenbow Museum. To some that may ...view middle of the document...

The exhibition focuses on the interplay of graphics, technology and storytelling.” These are very similar to the themes and focuses of Video Games in Canada.
Museum of Modern Art: New York
The senior Curator of MoMA: New York, Paola Antonelli describes video games as part of interactive design. She states that it seemed so obvious it seemed strange she did not consider video games sooner, however she does not consider video games as pure art. She still thinks they are worthy of showcasing because of their design. When arguments arose against the inclusion of video games into an art museum it was met with criticism, one critic argued that they were just computer code. In defense of the games Antonelli said, “So, Picasso isn’t art because it us just oil pant?” Just as the oil paint is part of what is used to create a Picasso, the code that does into the games leads to the interactive entertainment. To Antonelli that the interactive aspect is what makes this modern entertainment unique and worthy of recognition.
The Strong: National Museum of Play
The National Museum of Play is devoted to the ideas that play is critical to human development, this includes problem solving, creativity, and the ability to question. This are aspects which are part of the development of video games and the museum has an exhibit devoted to them. It is devoted to the history of video games and current controversies. This exhibit was created in partnership with the International Center of the History of Electronic Games. The ICHEG purpose is to “collect, study, and interpret video games, other electronic games, and related materials and the ways in which electronic games are changing how people play, learn, and connect with each other.”
Ontario Science Centre:
They displayed a very similar exhibition last year with Game On 2.0. “The world’s largest celebration of video games making its first Canadian appearance, Game On 2.0 features game design, development, and production including multiplayer games, handheld devices, original concept and character art, and the history’s most influential arcade machines.” The Science Centre also partnered with the University of Waterloo students who were working on their museum studies programs. They created Game Changer, which was an exhibit that, “explores the topic of gaming, the emerging field of crowdsourcing in citizen science, and the social impact available to gamers nowadays.”
These museums are examples of what this exhibit is attempting to accomplish, like the Smithsonian it will represent the history of video games, as MoMA they will represent them as digital interaction, the Strong represented play...

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