Video Games, Innocent Or Violent? Essay

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It's a surprising fact that 90 percent of young boys and 40 percent of young girls play video games on a regular basis. The real question is how many of those young people play violent video games, and of those, how many have become more violent as a result? Although some people don't believe that violent video games are harmful to young boys and girls, they are harmful because they cause more aggressive behavior and they desensitize.

Some people believe that violent video games aren't harmful to young boys and girls. In a recent study, "Researchers find that people serving time for violent crimes typically consume less media than the average person in the general ...view middle of the document...

With the links between aggression and violent video games becoming stronger, it appears that violent games are not good for children. Later in the study, it was said that playing video games for a long period of time increases aggression levels. The study included girls as well, and they said "girls were founds to be affected just as much as boys"(Violent Video Games). With girls being just as affected as boys, and so many people playing video games, people will come more violent with a possibility of more crimes or murders. With all of the evidence with aggression caused by video games, it was inconclusive for aggressive teens to play violent video games. The study showed that violent games cause violent behavior and can lead to more crimes.

Although aggressive behavior is a bad result of violent games, the worst result is the desensitization. A new study was conducted about desensitization and some of their results were "The researchers also found that boys who had the most exposure to violent media in their daily lives, as measured by screening tests and questions in their initial meeting with the researchers, showed the greatest desensitisation" (Watching Violent). Desensitization is concerning because it is diminished emotional responses to what would normally be an emotional response. Without their emotional responses they would care less about violence that they see in the streets. One of the researchers, Dr....

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