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Video Games May Be Able To Help

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There is a common misconception that video games “brainwash” kids and do nothing but damage their intellect. Although that is not the case, video games have been proven to improve one’s everyday motor skills and even improve vision. Some parents may believe that their son/daughter will grow up to be some sort of lonely psychopath due to video games, but that is not the case. The truth of the matter is that video games do little to no damage to kid’s brains. There are many more things that improved rather than decreased. There is even scientific evidence to support of this. With tests showing gamers develop the ability to use the smaller and faster portion of their brain to process situations and make decisions. It was also apparent that, with the right amount of play time, video games can even vastly improve the weakened skills of dyslexics. Several tests went to show that the same basic skills that are hampered in dyslexics, can be easily recovered through sessions of action gaming. With all of this to improve one’s basic and complex abilities, one should see how video games do not "brainwash". Video games are not “brainwashing,” rather they help increase one’s mental capacity by expanding their motor skills and can even improve a dyslexic’s abilities and match their intelligence to their classmates.
Multiple studies have gone to confirm that video games can help improve vision, coordination, awareness, and reaction skills. Rochester University ran an abundance of tests on this subject, and they all concluded that there were many more aspects improved than there were hampered. Rochester ran one test where 24 non-gamers were split into two groups. One of the groups of 12 played action games for 50 hours while the other 12 played strategy games for 50 hours. There was no statistical difference or increase in reaction time for those who played the strategy games while those who played action games saw a 25% increase without sacrificing accuracy(Current Biology 2). Daphne Bavelier says “It’s not the case that the action game players are 'trigger happy' and less accurate; they are just as accurate and also faster. Action game players make more correct decisions per unit time. If you are a surgeon or you are in the middle of a battlefield, that can make all the difference” (Current Biology 2). All of these aspects can improve one’s everyday life. There are many basic skills that are improved due to these aspects, such as driving, reading, navigating, multitasking, listening, and locating; which are all essential to one’s everyday life.
Pure science also backs up this theory with proof of gamers’ brains using a smaller and faster portion to process data. Gamers use their frontal cortex, which is already naturally faster than the parietal cortex that non-gamers use (Brain Power 3). The frontal cortex is a surprisingly small portion of your brain that processes and makes suggestions based on the data it receives. Similar functions were found in...

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