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Video Games: More Beneficial Than We Thought

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In today’s world one thing you don’t hear everyday is learning is fun. For some it can be, but many children aren’t that excited to learn. What if there was a way to make learning fun for kids? Well there is, its called gamification. Gamifiction is the process of using game thinking and game mechanics to engage audiences according to Gabe Zichermann an educational gaming expert. Though its been said that video games cause laziness and violence in kids, we now know that video games can be a significant learning tool in early child development. Research has shown that video games help children with multitasking skills and can also increase fluid intelligence, which is the intelligence we use to solve problems (Zichermann). Video games may be more beneficial than we thought.
In today’s society video games have a bad reputation and a negative connotation because research has said that video games promote violence. Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill by Dave Grossman and Gloria DeGaetano is a book about the negative effect the entertainment industry has on children’s, “We should not be surprised that half the video games that a typical 7th grader plays are violent”(1). Well violent games do not make a child violent, however if you have a violent kid already then a violent game may make them more violent (Zichermann). It has also been said that video games can distract kids and cause anti-social issues. Dr. Dimitri Christakis from UW states, “Children habituated to games may find the real world underwhelming and under stimulating.” Which means that children will be out of touch with what’s going on around them because they are too consumed in their video games.
Even though video games have a bad reputation more and more researchers are discovering the benefits of video games. Zichermann discusses how some neuroscientists believe that many kids are developing Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, but Zichermann does not agree and he thinks our world is too slow for kids in today’s society. In the video How Games Make Kids Smarter Gabe Zichermann classifies today’s youth as Generation G. He said that for Generation G, video games are their primary form of entertainment. Video games also promote multitasking skills because the games are so detailed and complex. Zichermann uses WOW as an example, which stands for World Of Warcraft and that game requires the gamer to text chat, operate their character while managing short and long term objectives. Children playing video games are acquiring multitasking skills as well as problem solving skills. He then discusses that human intelligence is increasing over time, which is called the Flynn Effect. Over the years we are becoming more and more intelligent, which could explain why kids are so good at video games (Zichermann).
In the article “Digital Game-Based Learning: It’s Not Just The Digital Natives Who Are Getting Restless” by Richard Van Eck he states “Games are effective not because of what they are,...

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