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Thirty that is the average age of people who play video games in America according to the ESRB. Yet when people talk about video games as a bad thing the topic that always comes up is that video games are bad for children and is going to rot their brains. But if people looked just at the numbers it could be seen that if video games really did rot people’s brains there would be millions of average American’s that would not fit in with the average public in the slightest. Why does this not happen. Because Video games are not harmful because society still functions, video games are used for training and for teaching, and video games bring people together.
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This improves our society not just keeping the status quo. Another study by the education department center found that lower income children also do better in school when video games are incorporated.
The educational benefits do not stop at the elementary level either according to Ian Bogost associate professor at the Georgia Institute of technology. Adults will also benefit from playing video games which can help adults develop better perceptual and cognitive ability as well as hand-eye coordination, and decision making according to Dr. Ezriel Kornel. And these benefits are not just for the individual. A study published in archives of surgery shows surgeons that regularly play video games are generally more skilled in some surgeries. There are many other studies with similar results such as the studies conducted by Daphne Bavelier a professor of brain and cognitive sciences at the University of Rochester, The results of Daphne’s studies show that gamers show improvements on tests of attention accuracy, vision and multitasking
An example of a game that can help improve multitasking that is used by Michael Stroud, a professor of psychology at Merrimack College, is the game of Pack-Man. In the game the player takes control of a small yellow circular avatar and his goal as this avatar is to eat all of the small white dots on the screen by maneuvering his avatar through a maze, while being chased by four ghosts that are programed to chase and kill the player’s avatar. Games such as this help promote multitasking skills because the player has to practice keeping track of many different things that are changing from second to second. There are many studies like these and there are many similar counterparts and even organizations such as the federation of American scientists whom agree that playing video games can help develop strategic thinking, interpretative analysis, problem solving, and plan formulation.
Many games today also help promote physical fitness by encouraging children to move while playing. Sony’s PlayStation move Microsoft’s Kinect and Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U are some of the systems that support active video games. Many of the titles on these systems are games such as DanceDance revolution and Wii sports where the player is encouraged to get up and move as he plays these games, there are also titles like Wii yoga where someone can practice yoga or workout with an instructor that will help with your movements allowing people to better stay active without having to go somewhere to get the same results.
Bringing people together is one thing that video games do very well. Video games allow people to connect with people all over the world to do things that they enjoy, together with other people as well as allowing people to connect with people locally and make good friends with people that they meet through online or offline play.
There are also economic benefits to the video game industry. In the year 2000 the video game industry made...

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