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Video Games Are More Useful Than You Think

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In today’s world of video games, there are wonderful pictures, surround sound effects, and realistic graphics which encourage players to keep playing. It means when they play an action game or war game, it will have shooting shots, bloody splashes, decapitated scenes, or fighting movements. Unfortunately some people call these games causes negative effects in players. They say that violent video games cause players to become killers or terrorists. A research study on video game violence concluded, “There is no evidence to show proof of the relationship between computer game violence and violence in children above the age of 8.” (Stuart, 2014) Moreover, millions of people play violent video games and never commit crimes. Actually video games have been established for long time ago – more than 20 years before the violent video games became a mainstream industry around the world. Vidoe games provide player with numerous benefits.

More than hundred reasons that make video games violent are good for people who really love to play an action video game. Video games create benefits for players both directly and indirectly ways. First of all, the clear advantage of video games is a video game introduces children to computers and the internet technology because nowadays most games are involved with the internet. (Farrales) Then the video games avoid drugs and uninvolved with gangsters. Because when children or teenagers begin to play games inside the home rather than being on the streets and join the gangsters, or use any drugs. Moreover, the players are training for cooperation skills between making their brain move fast to moving their hands, and having sharp eyes for catch up. Consequently, the players increase their potential of concentrating on entire ideas and a temptation because when they lose they will start again and again. (Taylor, 2006) Furthermore, today people are facing to many stressful problems in the work place, with colleagues, or in their environments. Thus the violent game is one good alternative for them to express and release their anxiety. For example, when a policeman gives a ticket to one man because he was driving too fast; even though, other cars were driving faster than him. This situation obviously by makes the driver feel very upset but he can’t do anything – when he gets home he should play the Grand Theft Auto to hurt the policemen which he can do only in the video game to express his feeling, that’s all. Finally, the violent video games create communications and encourage skill sharply. While multiplayer games are being played, they chat or talk to other players to try to win or solve problems, or sharing information with their game friends. (Farrales)

Normally many people think video games cause violence and create criminals in society. There are many reasons that make them believe violent video games are not good for the players. First, the most common reason is that violent video games stimulate players to...

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